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Farmers uses people for free advertisement.

Posted by David Fields 
I resigned from Farmers after a year in January, 2009 because I was being sucked dry of all my personal funds without any payoff. In the end I am left with a bill of $109.70 which is said to be my credit balance without any details. What I realized in the end is that Farmers recruits as many people as they can by giving them an attractive offer that almost nobody can resist. Notice that the company doesn't pay for anything and you have to pay 110% of business costs. Also you are given these impossible quotas to reach in order for them to pay for your securities license. Durring this training period you are rushed to pay all the neccesary fees and givin deadlines to meet that are way out of proportion and unreachable. Then they start making you pay $150 a mo. and later on more for your own advertising/rent to be used either way. In the meantime writing policies are like pulling teeth because their rates are not at all competitive and in fact they use a borderline bait and switch tactic with the new household discount. After six mo. the policy owner is screwed because the rates go up and up every six mo. to a rate that is astronomical compared to most insurance companies. Internally the billing methods are screwy and make no sense, especially when the policies are first issued. At the end of the six mo. policy period you have actually paid more than agreed upon initially. Every policy I issued ended up paying a few dollars more than was expected with no itemization whatsoever on the bill. If every policyholder is being overcharged by a few dollars or cents, you do the math at how much they are gaining from millions of customers. You'll also find that the billing department is very vege and will not get the exact answer you are looking for because they don't know.

As far as training goes we were only allowed to come into the office for help between the hours of 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. There have been times when I would come in for help and no one would help because they were too busy and they would look at you like who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing here. After being treated like that I never went in again for help.

After giving them hundreds of leads and spending thousands of dollars on advertisement producing clients for them I am left with nothing, no compensation and a bill for $107.44. In all I beleive Farmers to be an alaborate insurance sceme designed to make those at the top of the pyramid a fortune out of middle class people and all the recruits that are brought on with such hope. Farmers is unethical and should be shut down.

In conclusion, I just was appointed by another company and they paid for all my testing and securities fees, no pyramid sceme, no penalties, and free advertising. Online clients are alacated to the new people like me and everyone is treated fairly. In my first month I have acheived more than I did at Farmers in one year.

CHEERS! and stay away from Farmers.


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Re: Farmers uses people for free advertisement.
May 06, 2010 08:33PM
Should have done what David Crabbe does in Denver. Hire a second party to send out hundreds of thousands of spam emails. Even a percentage of hits equals big money.

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