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Still Being Harassed

Posted by Farmers Parolee 
Still Being Harassed
November 02, 2009 06:12PM
I was terminated in Feb.08 from Farmers yet, I still received Total Rewards Newsletters. Yeah, I know, probably not a big deal. I could easily toss them in the trash. I was rather aggrevated at one point due to the fact, one of them offered an additional $100-$300. in an employees paycheck if they participated in a wellness program.
That was really the last thing I needed to receive in the mail given the fact I was sitting back waiting to lose my house, had no health insurance and my health was hanging in the balance given the fact my health was suffering and I developed complications with my diabetes.
I asked for these mailings to stop time and time again. H/R V.P. Paula Garavaglia told me several times she "took care of it" however, that's not the case. Obviously Paula couldn't find her ass with 2 hands and a map. I'm not certain how difficult it is to remove my name from an internal mailing list.
Like I said , I could throw them in the trash but, I really don't care to receive employee mailings from Farmers. These regular "reminders" are beginning to piss me off.

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Re: Still Being Harassed
February 01, 2010 03:54AM
Well, still receiving the damn Total Rewards newsletters which I asked slag bitch Paula Garavaglia to get off her lazy ass and have somebody stop sending them to me, After sending my email, Pig Paula decides to have an attorney contact me and tell me to leave Farmers alone. This rookie clown attorney was contacted by me immeidately by phone and email. I told him he needs to counsel his client on adopting a more professional attitude and stop harasing me. I asked him why it's O.K. for them to harass me for 2 years yet, I ask them to stop and I'm doing something wrong? He wouldn't answer me.
I filed a complaint with the BBB (received a response and they forwarded paperwork to Farmers within 3 days). Also filed with the FTC. I told attorney boy that I now consider him my direct contact to Farmers,being that I can no longer ask Farmers to stop harasing me. I advised him if I receive another mailing or ANY unecessary contact from Farmers that I will hold him 100% accountable and I will contact the California Bar and report HIM for harassment.
Moron bastards!!

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Re: Still Being Harassed
March 13, 2010 05:00PM
Filed a complaint with the BBB and all of a sudden, Paula "The Bitch" Garavaglia was able to stop the mailings (allegedly. We'll see). Such liars. For two years saying they tried but, just couldn't figure it outr. I was told by their ambulance chasing attorney, Michael Mandel that it was a "simple fix". If it was that easy, why didn't they take care of it 2 years ago?
Mikey Mandel, sent me another email throwing around his legal threats again. I filed a complaint with the California Bar. I get harassed for 2 years and he threatens me. He can kiss my ass.

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