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The way Farmers handles agents should be a crime

Posted by Little "Big Tex" 
(forgive me, I've held this in for a while)

Yeppers, you'll owe chargebacks on folks who leave after you turn in notice. They teach you to sell yourself and the coverage, DON'T WORRY ABOUT PRICE, and then when the customer leaves BECAUSE YOU LEFT, they'll hit you for it. But don't worry, its all in the contract you signed. You remember, the one that was put in front of you with no option to modify it. The one you just finished working your tail off so you could career? What are you gonna do, NOT SIGN IT???? Never seen a more one-sided piece of paper in my life, and I knew it at the time. I told the area rep when he came out to not even read it to me, didn't matter, just point where you want me to sign because I just called in favors to get the required policies to career.

I left a year ago and had to eat a few commissions. Life is so much better away from that scene. The stress of trying to sell an unsellable policy premium -- gone. Life insurance that costs too much, no more. Beating down prospects because you gotta sell xxx more policies before next Tuesday to make quota -- gone. I'm so glad to have gotten away before investing any more of my soul into that company. Never had a problem with the policies and coverage I was selling (even though I should have, since the "premier" home policy was only a slightly tricked HOA, not even the industry standard HOB/HO3!).

The way Farmers handles agents should be a crime. Don't know how it was in your office, but most new agents in mine were straight out of college, with no real world experience. I wonder why savvy business types aren't jumping at the chance to "own" their own Farmers agency? How come I was being paid as an independent contractor (1099), yet I had more restrictions/expectations put on me than I had at my last professional salaried job?????? I'll just take solace in the thought that the days of captive agency are likely coming to an end. Oh no, the captive companies don't want to change the current scheme, its just that they'll no longer have anyone to schlep their products on as the customer has more more instant access to alternatives. Heck, the Farmers agents I know are practically independent already, with all of their "hush,hush" arrangements. And who can blame them??? When the premium increases on the only products they're "allowed" to sell threaten to crumble the business they spent the last 30 years building, heck yeah they're gonna find ways to keep their clients! Food on my kid's table, or "do the right thing"? Yeah, I'll take some food please.

I'll say it: a Farmers customer is a someone who a)is related to the agent, b)deeply loves their agent, or c)hasn't bothered to comparison shop. The absence of any of these three would mean the client would not be a Farmers customer.

You're beautiful, have a great day.
TS in The Great State of Texas

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The Agent is suck.
November 16, 2011 04:44PM
Esma Decaro is my Agent but she is lazy & didn't help me when I send the receip of my roof change. Also my car had accident she beside the girl hit my car try to not pay my rental car.

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Just read many of the posted reports, and.... sad to say, I'm not the least bit surprised. As a 30+ yrs as a dedicated Farmers Agent in Indiana,
I resigned my agency in 2007. Decided to go independant in 2008, and don't you know the insurance company thinks they still own me! I brought
a lawsuit against Farmers and it is still pending in Indiana Supreme Court, and they are using every tactic known to try to subvert the court, making false accusations, Motions to enlarge more time to file expert witness reports,( who are not even knowlwgeable about the issues at hand.
I gave that company 30 yrs of the BEST yrs of my life, and yet they deny me my rightful contract value, and accuse the agency of Embezzlement, when we deposited some cash within 48 hours after collection. They call that embezzlement so that they don't have to pay up
what is rightfully due. Of course, we know that they wanted to get rid of us, because we had a large agency, and they wanted to subdivide the
agency and start 4-5 new agencies with it, having the policies serviced by paying the new agent only 4% commissions.

Truly, and clearly, this is NOT the same insurance company that it was 30 yrs ago....it's run by Zurich management. Wish me luck in my lawsuit
against this monster.

Db in Indiana

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they r crooks fake they steal false cd n ins claims from the elderly exsceselydown in la vernia texas

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Good morning. I am a former Farmers agent in Michigan. I put in a resignation with Farmers in 2016. A week before resignation was to take effect, I was terminated for embezzlement, which I was told I had late ACA deposits. Do you have any information stating that late ACA deposits were considered embezzlement? I contacted farmers accounting and they said that there is not any outstanding balance from my
agency that is owed to them. The state of Michigan has revoked my license, and now I am facing criminal charges.Any information that you can provide me would be appreciated. Thank you

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