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Gods Glory

Posted by cjf 
Gods Glory
September 18, 2012 03:44PM
This is just a follow up . A little back ground...I "was" a Foremost employee for 27 years in claims. I was a loyal, hard working employee who had many many years of stellar performance. In recent years before I was terminated, it became so clear I was no longer a good fit .....for many reasons of which here are some:
made too much money( -especially with OT..They hated it!!)
had too much vacation
had too many grandfathered benefits

Lets face it , when they want you out, they will find a way to either make your job so miserable you quite or, try and say you are incompetent and can't do the job. Thats is just the way it is. Mine was the latter.
That is fine...I saw the writing on the wall way back in 2003-2004 when I challenged the "at the time"supervisor Mike Flynn. I did it in a respectful way when I told him I was not a normal CAT adjuster in Florida but a specialty adjuster assigned to certain claims...not the claims he thoiught I should be doing. I referred him to VP of claims if he had any questions. Well...his ego was marred and my fate was determined because he became my claim manager 3 months later. I was told by supervisors that it was unlikely I would be employed much longer. I thought how could he hold a grudge ...but he did ...However, I lasted until Jan 2011...Not bad if you ask me. I never give up despite the Odds.

Like I said ,I saw the writings on the wall and all was getting worse and worse ...which was the plan. I finally decided to speak my mind in a respectful way and challenge Management. I pointed out errors by both Ron Vlasblom about his rating of one or two of my files and Steve Prins. neither commented to me on their oversites and I did not expect them too...but they failed not only in their accessment of me but of themselves. Both thought they were above it and had no regard for a loyal ,committed employee who only wanted to be the best one could be .Those efforts by me were down played and even thwarted.

My position finally became "I have no fear" .. My faith says that my Lord and Savior directs my path, not man. "He" will be my avenger and make things right. No me. I knew and still know who I am in Christ. I know he will be my avenger.. Not that I wish any one bad...cause the Bible says pray for your enemies ...but...I also know God is faithful and will make wrong ..right. As far as I know , Ron Vlasblom was demoted as was Steve Prins. They acted badly ,performed badly and made bad choices. I knew Prins would not make it cause I had a closer relationship with him as he was my manager. Vlasblom , I am sure ,got what was coming as well.

But the Big Fish , whose day is coming is Mike Flynn. His tactics and approached to managing is evil and , in time , I am sure his day will come cause God is a God of justice.

And finally, God is good. "all things work together for good to those who Love God and live according to His purpose" . When you know who you are in Christ and what really is important in this world, life's ups and downs have no impact. God Bless!!

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Re: Gods Glory
July 30, 2018 02:21PM
Many years later and after I reviewed what I wrote in 2012, wow!....how Good God is . Prins was demoted two levels ( claim manager to claim rep.) and Mike Flynn,,,fired! That is what I heard anyway. Ron Vlasbloom???do not know. I am sure God justice has prevailed in his case too.
I love how God works. The lesson is: Never stoop to the afflicters level , trust in Gods goodness and justice and leave it to Him. I did and His justice prevailed. It ALWAYS does!!

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