Unpleasant Experience
October 31, 2015 06:04PM
This matter concerns Randi Jones, Graham, Texas

I had a policy briefly with Randi Jones, Farmers Insurance. When asking what the payment on my policy was, I was told $35 by Lindsay McGeehee, when I went in to pay it to the end of September, I was told it was $55. I canceled my policy at the end of September , notified Farmers Insurance by USPS.
My new policy under a different carrier went into effect 10/1/2015.
NOW, I'm receiving a bill for $45.

I have had enough from this unprofessional agency.
Just want to be done with them.

I often heard Randi Jones speak badly of her clientele within a minute of ending a phone conversation with them or after they had left her office. Some of them heard what she said then canceled their policies.
As an employee it was a major distraction to try to focus on work with her 2 small children running around.
Her system which I solely relied upon went dead 5-7 times per day. When it went dead, I asked Ms Jones what I could do to keep busy. 80% of those times she wasn't around or was busy on the phone or with clients.
A few days prior to firing me she had told me that I was doing excellent work. On the day she fired me she told me that I am a "mediocre" employee. Very suspicious that so much could change in a few days.
When the system I relied on would go down, with no one there to tell me what else I could do to stay productive , also being new to the line of work & the job, itself, it was very unclear as to what to do. I answered phones, took messages, greeted clients. Had to take messages & apologize that no agent was in at the moment. With 10 - 15 minute lapses during which time the internet was available, yes, I did check my email, I did check Pinterest. I had received verbal permission from Ms. Jones to print pages from the internet. Black & white needlework patterns. She knew of this, I had permission.

I am an awarded Veteran of the USAF, I speak a few languages. Randi Jones gave me a distracting, difficult workspace then expected top notch production.

I was fired then told to leave immediately . Someone else was there to take my place within the hour.

I was treated very unfairly, it leaves a negative impression of Farmers Insurance as well as the shoddy business practices of Randi Jones who claims to be a Christian yet conducts herself otherwise.

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