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Under insured on condo--errors and omissions?

Posted by KH 
I recently had a catastrophic water leak in my condo--it had been leaking for likely 2 weeks flooding the entire upstairs/downstairs before it was discovered as I was away.

Little did I know, I just had 20K of insurance to cover the water remediation and rebuild--everything! I had no idea what these terms referred to, but went with what my agent advised 18 years prior for my condo. They knew there was also an HOA policy in force which is in question right now. Every wall, ceiling, all carpet, all cabinets and countertops and light fixtures have been torn out and will need to be replaced. The estimate is nearly 50K.

When I called my agent to inquire why my limit was so low (yet I have 60K for contents and 26K for housing in case of loss, even 21 K for 2 rings--all higher than the property itself), she immediately got defensive claiming i "never wanted to increase it". Never in 18 years was I contacted with the alert that I was so severely under insured with encouragement to increase it. Never did I deny doing so. I trusted their recommendation and went with it, period. She also brought my father in to the discussion, inappropriately, who I had referred to their office stating "he never wanted to increase it either". As if this was some family trait.

Not only was this highly inappropriate and unprofessional, it was inaccurate.In reality my father had contacted her two weeks prior to the flood, requesting his coverage increased due to the HOA policy deductible increasing. Her defensiveness only managed to feed my insecurity that my insurance company was not going to have my back in this.

She also mentioned that I "should have known" this 7 yrs ago when I had another smaller water damage issue. All I knew then was there was adequate coverage to cover it--not exactly what it was.It should have alerted HER that if that incident had been more catastrophic it would not have covered it and used it as a time to educate me on increasing it, but there were no such conversations, ever, in 18 years. I would get annual form letter post cards saying "it's another year, do you want to review your policy?" which she also said was my fault for not noticing it then. Bottom line is I relied on her judgment in writing the policy and never felt the need to change it on my own. Isn't that HER job??

Luckily I have a great adjuster and don't have to deal with the agent who is doing his best to work this out. Meanwhile the HOA policy is sitting on their hands and my house is sitting there, dry and no rebuild going on waiting for decisions to be made.

Someone mentioned to me something about "errors and omissions". Do I have any recourse at all with my agent who so poorly advised me?

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