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Former President's Council District Manager story

Posted by Anonymous 
Cannon's Immigration Bill may pass in 07


This exhaustive and in depth piece of investigative journalism obviously consumed both time and great resources. It even took two reporters to write it (three if you count Chris's brother Joe. Well, 2.101 actually)


Cannon Sued for $85 Million Dollars by Fellow Mormon.

M.I.A. in Utah's Cannon Controlled Media!!! Just like the original discrimination complaint!!!


Effective Immediately: A Five Dollar Gift Certificate to McDonalds will be awarded to the first person that sends us an article in any Utah Newspaper that mentions the Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Chris and Joe Cannon, Farmers Insurance, Jack Abramoff and David Safavian!!!!!


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I am a former employee with 20 plus years of claims service exclusive to Farmers. That is until I had a Workers comp Injury. Farmers fired me the day after workers comp court with no reason given. Go figure.Does not pay to be loyal to Farmers because they sure dont see the need to be loyal to you.

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
January 17, 2007 03:48AM
Paul Drockton was one of the best District Managers In Utah, and, the numbers prove it. He recruited and licensed 9 new Farmers Agents in the first 5 months he was in Utah. His quota was 7 for the entire year! That meant Drockton was on track to put on 18-20 new agents for 2002. He was recruiting the equavalent of some small states!!! He was also extremely profitable and excelled in every measureable area! See the documents for yourself!


Paul Drockton was fired for filing a discrimination complaint against Brian Braddock, whose brother was the Chairman of Farmers Group Inc.! Its just that simple! He was the District Manager that every State Executive dreamed about! But, Brian Braddock was a Mormon hater and Farmers covered for his crimes!

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
January 17, 2007 05:20AM
Farmers Insurance clearly and blatantly slandered/defamed this guy! See for yourself!


He built an insurance agency from nothing; became one of the best in the entire company; and Farmers says thank you until Brian Braddock decides to persecute him for his Mormon Religion. We are told there will be plenty more NEW stuff to come!

Oh well, good luck with the jury, Hopkins!

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
January 19, 2007 02:36AM
Was Drockton an FBI Investigator?

Paul Drockton came from nowhere and almost won a mayors race in a city the size of Provo, Utah. He raised a lot of money, generated a lot of publicity and almost won the election. Defeating a 20 year incumbant and almost defeating the sitting Mayor in a 3 way race.

"That wasn't the point," explained our source, "he was never supposed to win."

The FBI was very interested in Parma, Ohio. Cocaine was being sold out of city hall and a "high-stakes gambling operation" was being run out of the police department.

"We needed a credible unknown to help us identify potential informants. People are drawn to dark-horse politicians and tend to give them the "dirt." Drockton brought down the Parma mafia. When they found out what was really going on he had to relocate. It took em awhile. By the time they figured it out he was in Indiana."

These newly obtained documents seem to support the story.


"We got away with using him twice. The second time he ran for mayor he got the former risk manager to spill his guts. We almost put City Council and the Mayor in jail over that one. They had to send the Parma Law Director to (Janet) Reno to shut us down (Laughs)."

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
January 23, 2007 02:45AM
The verbage in the settlement agreement Paul Drockton was forced into signing makes it pretty clear that Farmers Insurance, with its vast army of attorneys, knew exactly what it was doing.

The goal was to force a settlement before Drockton found out just how much damage his former company had actually done to him, his finances and his reputation. By buying off the Cannons, Farmers believed that they could finish the job without any outside interference from the Mormon Church, Utah politicians or the Utah media.

Thus we see, investigations were thwarted, criminals ran free, no news was written and Drockton was forced to face these thugs all alone.

Meanwhile, farmers employees did their best to see that he was blackballed, slandered, financially destroyed and discredited. Pay close attention, folks, this is how organized crime destroys people. They don't have to kill you, they just make you wish they did.

To clearly read the above document you must view the slideshow. Click on "view larger" and then click on slideshow.


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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
January 24, 2007 05:11AM

To understand how it really works in politics you need to be able to follow the money. Direct donations from an individual may actually be a small portion of the what he contributes to a candidate.

Soft money (PAC donations) are where you really make the connections. Jack Abramoff was the owner of 11 casino boats. Casino gambling is a cash business. No one knows how much revenue really comes in from casino "customers". You can also launder drug money, cigarette smuggling money, prostitution money or any other "dirty" money through a casino. That is why owning a casino can be so enticing to a member of the "mob". Large amounts flow through with no one questioning why.

OK, so here is how it works....

Jack Abramoff contributes $5,000 to the Americans for a Republican Majority PAC. The PAC then donates $1,000 each to five Congressmen. To a common researcher it looks like Americans for a Republican Majority are donating to the Congressman, not Abramoff.

The game can be even more complicated. Jack Abramoff gives money to one PAC, which then donates to a second PAC which then donates to the Congressman. Or he has someone else, one of his employees, donate in his name. The point is, you have to peel through the layers to get to the source.

Then you have to look at the PACS stated objectives. If it calls itself the Telephone Workers PAC but donates to gambling interests, or takes money from them, than you can bet that the PACS real purpose is to launder money for gambling interests.

Jack Abramoff donated only to those that supported his gambling interests. If he gave some politician money, you can bet he wanted something in return.

To see what information we have dug up so far in our little Abramoff Expedition please follow the above link.

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
January 25, 2007 01:16AM

In another startling revelation, Mormons4Justice has learned that some "leading" LDS authorities are very concerned about the impact of Mr. Drockton's $83 million dollar lawsuit. According to one source:

"Cannon has his friends, however few they may be, among the General Authorities. He holds his position of power with their blessings. THEY KNOW HE IS CORRUPT, BUT THEY DON'T CARE!!! In fact, that is why he is where he is. HE REPRESENTS THEIR INTERESTS!!!"

"They know that they face being deposed. They know that they need to answer quite a few questions. Mark Hoffman's name has been brought up as a potential witness. The whole Olympic scandal could be rehashed. In fact, the LIST OF WITNESSES THEY ANTICIPATE HAVING TO TESTIFY reads like a WHO'S WHO among Latter-Day Saints!"

"This whole thing could "split" the LDS Church right down the middle! They'll play their games to keep it from going to trial, but, they know that Drockton won't be fooled by their legal shenanigans. They don't know what to do with the guy!"

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
January 27, 2007 10:50PM
The Utah Republicannon Party is also referred to as the Church of Joseph Cannon's Latter-Day Looters.

A list of the Current Members:

Herr Cannon Briber: As a member of the SLC Olympics Organizing Committee, Board of Trustees, Joe Cannon was a witness to professional bribery done right. Mitt Romney takes no contributions from the Cannon Briber and tries to avoid any connections whatsoever. Romney, remember, had to clean up the mess.

Cannon Briber was also embroiled in a controversy over his company, Geneva Steel's, mysterious moving water shares. Cannon chose to not disclose the $85 million in water shares to the Federal Pension Guarantee Corp, who bailed out the Geneva Pension Fund (which was only 10% funded). Sometimes its nice to have a brother in Congress.

As the lobbyist for Envirocare, Cannon Briber gave his brother $5,000 from the company P.A.C. As the lobbyist for Eli-Lilly and other concerns, he also handed his brother lobbying money.

As Chairman of the Utah Republicannon Party, he recieved "soft" Federal PAC money from Farmers Insurance, Zurich Insurance and the concerns of British American Tobacco (RJR America, Brown and Williamson Tobacco). We would love to see how much mula these guys gave to the State Republicannon Party, but we don't have a password (yet). As Chairman of the Republicannon Party, he was in a position to influence, through party donations, every Federal or State elected official. Now that's power you can't buy at a grocery store!

As the head board-member of the Deseret News and now editor-in chief, Cannon-Briber is perfectly positioned to make sure that these scandals remain just outside the awareness of most Utahns! Also, the Deseret Management Corp. which owns Cannon's newspaper and Bonneville communications (radio and TV concerns) keeps Cannon-Briber out of the news. The partnership that the Deseret News has with the Salt Lake Tribune doesn't hurt, either.

So, when those darn national reporters come sniffing around Utah, they can be led around by someone that knows the real Joe Cannon!


Brian "Mormon Slayer"Braddock: As Farmers State Executive in Utah, one of Braddock's responsibilities was to "lobby" Utah politicians on behalf of Farmers/Zurich Insurance, British American Tobacco and Zurich. This explains how he was able to bribe the Cannon-Briber to shut down the Mormon discrimination complaint filed against him personally and the retaliation complaint filed against Farmers/Zurich/BAT. It also explains why the Cannon-Briber would work so hard to keep an anti-Mormon discrimination complaint out of the Utah and Mormon media.

The Braddocks are multi-millionaires, and one of the founding families of Farmers Insurance. At the time Brian was in Utah, William H. Braddock was Chairman of Farmers Board of Directors. The "family" had what the Cannon-Briber wanted. It appears that "Dead President's are more important to Latter-day Looters than "Dead Prophets."

"Cannon the BribedAryan": Not to be confused with Conan the Barbarian.

Cannon the BribedAryan was partners with his brother when they bought Geneva Steel together. He owned a failed trucking company before that. He functioned as Geneva's "in house" venture capitalist. Chris knows how to loose money. In fact, he is an expert. His personal assets declined from an estimated 8 million dollars down to less than a million. In fact, he was so broke, he had to borrow 1.7 million for his Congressional campaign. Heavily in debt, with no access to the Cannon Briber's water shares, the BribedAryan chose to take a gamble......He made new friends!!!

Jack PayCannonoff: Also known as Jack Abramoff. PayCannonoff was quite the fundraiser for Chris and Joe Cannon. Lobbying for companies like AOL-Time Warner, Microsoft, and Utah Envirocare, PayCannonoff was tired of chump change. He wanted in on some real action....So, he defrauded Gus Boulos out of his 11 Sun Cruz Casino Boats. Gus got mad at not getting paid and died under mysterious circumstances when he was shot multiple times in front of his sub sandwich shop. The gunmen were reportedly part of the Gotti crime family. Thus, dispelling the myth that their are no Republicannons in New York City. It seems that "retired" Republican Tom Delay was partners with Abramoff in the Sun Cruz deal, or at least his campaign committee was.

Anyway....Jack PayCannonoff raised quite a bit of money for "Cannon the Bribed Aryan". Cannon's reports show $50,000 + from Abramoff's assorted lobbying clients. That does not include the money Abramoff donated directly to Cannon's campaign, or the money donated by Indian Tribes that Abramoff lobbied for. There is a whole lot more money from Jack PayCannonoff than the bribed Aryan would have you believe. A lot more than the few thousand he returned. Abramoff is the gentleman widely credited with destroying many Republican careers now resides in a Federal Prison.

David SavefavorsforCannon: Also known as David Safavian. SavefavorsforCannon was Abramoff's lobbying partner B.C. (before Cannon) and served as the "Bribed Aryan's" Chief of Staff from January, 2001 until mid-2002. While working for Chris Cannon, he was able to raise money for the Republicannons and the BribedAryan from his former lobbying clients with Abramoff's help. The amount that Abramoff and Safavian raised for the Republicannons will easily exceed $100,000 maybe $200,000 thousand dollars.

Which brings us back to the "broke one". Somehow, as if by magic, someone paid off Chris Cannon's 1.7 million dollar campaign loan in 2003. The Bribed Aryan is not talking.

Nothing is free, however. Cannon was voted no on two different anti-gambling bills in 2001-2003. Safavian, acting as Cannon's Chief of Staff, and Abramoff will probably provide us more information on this, in the $83 million civil suit filed by Paul A Drockton Jr. against the Republicannons and the Latter-Day Looters.

We are sure to learn more about the strong gambling law that Cannon just recently "gutted" before it passed Congress in 2006. Ah yes, the BribedAryan is one high roller!

Farmers Insurance Group Inc. Also known as "The Brotherhood of Mysterious Doings" , has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Republicannons and the Latter-Day Looters. Abramoff and Safavian causes rank right up there with Joe and Chris Cannon; leading many to wonder. Why in the heck would an insurance company want in on the gambling business?

Farmers lost mucho dinero in 2001 and 2002 thanks to its risky positions with customer money in the stock market. We'll find out after the depositions.

Martin D Feinstein: also known as "I've created a Cannonstein" was Farmers CEO during the companies Mormon inquisition. He fled the company, and its 3 million+ compensation package, and reportedly moved to England, making software for Farmers Insurance and a whole lot less money. He recently re-appeared on the Board of Directors of RJR America (Brittish American Tobacco and RJR Reynolds). We are confused as to who wants a gambling industry lobbyist more...RJR/BAT or Farmers/Zurich Insurance.

Brian Cohen: also known as Brian "Co-conspirator" Cohen, gave Jill Beard the money she wanted to destroy Drockton and his wife's business, Contact Management. Jill was paid through a "no-service" contract that could have generated as much as $100,000 cash. Farmers also guaranteed a factoring loan, in her name, against Contact Management.

Jail Beard: was partners with Mary Drockton in a marketing company called "Contact Management". The purpose of the company was to provide insurance leads to Farmers and other insurance agents. The company was doing extremely well until after Drockton's discrimination complaint was filed against Brian Braddock. Then, Jill Beard, with no prior criminal convictions, became a criminal. She double-billed and triple-billed Farmers agents for their leads. She fired all the telemarketers. She ran up numerous liabilities and forged the Drockton's names on various documents etc.

Jill's Dad was a retired Farmers Insurance Adjuster. Both knew Brian Braddock personally and considered him a friend. Paul and Mary Drockton were forced to seek out an attorney an obtained a Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction against Jill Beard. She was later prosecuted and convicted of Felony Forgery and Felony Fraud...

Curt Windhorst/McLaughlin: also known as "Ronald McWindhorst" was an unemployed pharmaceutical representative for Pfizer's when he asked Paul Drockton for a job as a Farmers Agent in 2001. Drockton felt sorry for his neighbor and fellow LDS ward member. He even subsidized Curt's start-up from his own pocket, spending many thousands of dollars. But, Drockton is no Farmers Insurance. Curt sold out, changed his story about being discriminated against and did his best to destroy Drockton's reputation in his neighborhood, the LDS Church and with other Farmers victims and agents. He even took Jail Beard to dinner, possibly giving her Farmers marching orders. Like McDonalds, McWindhorst can say "millions served here". He is also responsible for Drockton's visit to a Colorado hospital, giving him many times the recommended dose of the new "Pfizer" drug celebrex. He kept a "stash" of the drug in his basement. Drockton was told after the car accident that he "could have died" from internal bleeding. McWindhorst fled Utah for parts unknown.

Paul "Hopper" Hopkins: not to be confused with gang leading grasshopper from "a bugs life." Paul is the current CEO of Farmers Insurance and was the company point-man during the Mormon Inquisition. He reassured Drockton that Braddock would be "taken care of", with no repercussions to Drockton, by Farmers Insurance.

He later told Drockton to drive to a Colorado conference, led by Braddock, that included a climbing wall at the local YMCA. Drockton protested that he would be in harm's way. Hopkins told him to go or be fired. The YMCA event was changed to real rock-climbing in an outdoor, undisclosed setting. In the Colorado Mountains. Oh yeah! Fortunately, McWinhorst's attempts to kill Drockton stopped Braddock from killing him. the celebrex kicked in and Drockton was admitted to a Colorado Hospital E.R. with a "probable" ulcer. He was sent home with doctor's orders. Republicannons don't like any opposition. Shortly after he was fired and coerced into signing a settlement agreement that paid very little and hid Farmers and the Republicannons various crimes and ill-deeds.

He was blackballed in the industry, and continually harrassed.

These two attempts on Drockton's life lead us to wonder about the "timely" car accident that occurred while he was pursuing criminal charges against the Latter-Day Looters. Drockton was broadsided and left with a head injury and numerous back, shoulder and neck injuries. He should have been killed, but, survived thanks to a driver's door airbag. Another question for Farmers and the Republicannons.

Thus, Farmers Insurance and the Republicannons, also known as the "Latter-Day Looters" all face an $83 million dollar lawsuit from Mr. Paul Anthony Drockton Jr. for violating his "Civil Rights"

To be continued.....

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
January 29, 2007 05:53AM
To The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:

We are now convinced that Christopher Cannon and Joseph Cannon are acting against the Principals and Doctrines of the Church and have violated their covenants to be good members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

1. Both Christopher and Joseph Cannon conspired with Jack Abramoff and David Safavian (both convicted felons) to violate Federal laws. They also conspired to hide their relationships with both organized criminals and their gambling interests.

2. Both Christopher and Joe Cannon have publicly lied about their relationships with these convicted criminals, and the roles they played in their criminal conspiracy.

3. The Cannons also conspired with Brian Braddock, Farmers Insurance and others, to ruin the lives and reputations of individuals who filed criminal complaints of a conspiratorial nature against the company. They also lied to Church authorities looking into the matter. As a result, good reputations were ruined by slander and defamation, criminal harrassment and other criminal activities that clearly would never have happened if the Cannons were in harmony with the Church teachings.

4. Using their positions, the Cannons obstructed any chance of holding these criminals responsible. They influenced law enforcement to abandon its investigation and continued their campaign of harrassment outside of the public eye. They also used their positions in the media to keep all of these abuses out of the public eye and away from the General Leadership of the Church.

5. Joseph Cannon, as President of Geneva Steel, clearly defrauded the company retirees by not disclosing $85 million in water shares when he took the company into bankruptcy. He also defrauded the Federal Guarantee Pension Corporation when he relied on them to bail out the Geneva Pension Plan instead of selling the water shares. Their has been tremendous sufferring at the hands of these modern day Gadiantons.

6.They have committed other crimes that we have documented against the law of the land and the laws of God.

We realize that these crimes are both civil and church matters. The church has the power to take away the sheepskin of the Priesthood so that its membership is not decieved into believing evil and wicked men are in good standing with the Church.

The Church has the power to Disfellowship and/or Excommunicate the wolves so that they are not recieved by the General membership of the Church.

We realize that these men bring large amounts of money into the Church coffers and great political and business connections. We humbly request that the unselfish service of the oppressed and their widow's mite be held in equally high regard. We humbly request that their missionary service and church service also be held in equal regard. That the cries of the widows and the fatherless, the poor and the down-trodden can cease before the Lord of the Sabaoth.

According to the Doctrine and Covenants of the Church, we humbly petition that The First Presidency of the Church hold a hearing where we can present our claims and documents for their inspection. We also humbly petition that a proper disciplinary court, made up of the First Presidency, be held and appropriate actions taken.

When Alma prayed about the unrepentant transgressor, he was told that their names should be removed from the records of the Church. The Lord also stated that He would not recieve such at the last day.

We will appoint a proper delegate to represent our claims before your Council.



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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
January 30, 2007 11:06PM
Being kept from the truth? The only e-mail address we have for the Church is the one that goes to the Church media office We sent our e-mail, addressed to the First Presidency, to that e-mail. This was a response we got:

Two issues need to be addressed in answering your inquiry:

1. The allegations you pose need to be sent to the attention of the local authorities who have responsibility and stewardship in determining worthiness issues for the Cannons. That would be the local bishop and/or the local stake president. Were I able to send you e-mail to the First Presidency, they would refer your concern back to those leaders for first consideration.

2. This is a media web site . . . we do not respond to non media concerns.

Our response....

1. Why would you personally give council on an issue that was addressed to The First Presidency without Their Permission? Why not forward it to their office? If we presumed to speak for the Prophet we would be excommunicted. If we replied to his mail with "unauthorized" council we would be exd.

This guy thinks a local Bishop will deal with A conspiracy that involves some of the Highest ranking Mormons in Utah!? That the First Presidency can't be bothered with such matters?

No wonder the Cannons get away with so much crap, The First Presidency of the Church obviously knows nothing about their crimes! Some, like this media guy, feel it is their job to function as "gatekeeper".

This is a "Church-wide" issue, not a local one. The Church Leadership needs to address it. We just don't believe they know what's really going on!

2. The media guy, by the way...did respond to a non-media concern.

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
January 31, 2007 05:14PM
Novell Inc. one of Microsoft's main rivals in the 1990's is noticeably absent from Cannon's list of top all-time donors. Microsoft, on the other hand, is listed as one of Chris Cannon's all-time greatest financial donors. [www.opensecrets.org]

Novell once employed thousands in Utah County. The thriving Novell campus, with its own private highway access, was one of the gems of Provo, Utah. Today, Novell still employs about 5,000 people. Sadly, only about 500 of them work in Provo, Utah. The remainder are located at the company's new headquarters in Waltham, MA. [en.wikipedia.org]

Cannon has taken a minimum of $17,000 in company PAC contributions from Microsoft Corp. Much of that money was through Microsoft lobbyist, Jack (convicted felon) Abramoff. This does not include soft money or individual contributions, so , the amount he actually recieved could be much higher.

According to his own website, "Congressman Chris Cannon is recognized as a "Power Broker" in the House of Representatives in high-tech issues." [chriscannon.house.gov]

Sadly, Novell could have benefitted from Cannon's power broker status with some friendly legislation. Instead, Cannon, through Abramoff, decided to join the Microsoft legislation team. Whether it was a payoff to Microsoft or Jack Abramoff's Casino connections we will never know. Someone paid off his 1.7 million dollar campaign loan.

Now we expect the usual political whining about "I did everything I could do." The reality, however, is in politics you are what you eat. Cannon was bought and paid for by the Jack Abramoff gambling interests, and Microsoft Corp.

Lets, see 2500 Geneva Steel employees jobs and lives ruined; at least 5,000 lives ruined at Novell. An estimated 7500 tithe paying members of the Church, plus any other jobs lost to peripheral industries. How many suicides, bankruptcies, divorces, inactive members who felt "screwed over" by Brother Christopher Cannon; yet to be determined.

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
February 01, 2007 02:37PM
Joe Cannon was the lobbyist for Envirocare (Also known as Energy Solutions). We can't help but wonder if he made sure that he personally handed Chris Cannon a check for $5,000 in July, 2006 on behalf of the company. [query.nictusa.com] . Of course, on a side note, Jack Abramoff also served as Envirocare's lobbyist. Great minds definitely think alike! We can't help but wonder if Cannon agreed to take over the account just until Abramoff gets out of jail. You know, as a favor to a close personal friend?

So, if you wanted to dump low-level nuclear waste in Utah, Joe Cannon was the go-to guy. Heck, he probably even got the company a discount on naming Salt Lake City's Basketball Arena! To learn how low-level nuclear waste is good for Utah, click here! [www.envirocareutah.com] Ask about Envirocare's home delivery program! Low-level nuclear waste, its not just for breakfast anymore!


Joe and Chris Cannon, leveling the playing field for Utah's Downwinders! Maybe John Huntsman could dedicate a wing to them in his Cancer Center.

So here's the whole list of Utah politicians and other that benefitted from Envirocare and Joe Cannon/Jack Abramoff''s largesse: [query.nictusa.com]

1. Note that Democratic Senate candidate, Pete Ashdown (who ran against Orrin Hatch in 2006) recieved $2500 from Joseph Cannon's lobbying client. Also, in 2006, $15,000 went to the Democratic Senatorial campaign. [query.nictusa.com] It looks like quite a bit of that money made it back to Pete Ashdown's campaign. [query.nictusa.com]

Was "Boss" Cannon trying to get rid of Orrin Hatch with a Democrat Challenger using Envirocare money? Who knows, maybe even Utah's Democrats are really RepubliCannons.

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

The Nazis were masters at deception and propaganda. The picture above shows a well fed, well organized band that would lead the viewer to believe that all is well at this concentration camp in Buchenwald. Yes, this is a prisoner's band. Sadly, the good fortune of the few prisoners in this photo were used to disguise the human misery and incredible depradations sufferred by the vast majority of the camps inmates.

In today's Deseret anti-Mormon news we can see the smiling faces of a few Farmers Agents in a half-page ad on the prime-space editorial page (Thank You Joe Cannon!). The agents are from northern Utah, where, there is quite a discussion taking place on "Farmers War Against the Mormons." Business must be bad and getting worse in Ogden, Utah.

Of course, the Parade magazine in Sunday's Paper isn't helping much. Another half page ad addresses the settlement Farmers just made for installing after-market parts in their client's accident damaged cars.

Farmers Insurance propaganda dike has quite a few holes in it and not enough little Dutch boys to plug them all. Its just a matter of time before the truth comes out and this Big Tobbacco/foreign owned insurance carrier is relegated to the dustbin of American Corporate History.

Not good news for the band, but the rest of Farmers P.O.W.s will express great happiness at finally being liberated.


[www.farmers-online.com] : Rick's Story (Farmers Agent)

[www.farmers-online.com]: Dave's Story (Farmers Agent)

[www.farmers-online.com] Ned Hall (Farmer's Agent) wins 1 million and 10 years salary from Farmers.

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
February 22, 2007 04:08PM
Yesterday, Chris "Magic Mushroom" Cannon went on a radio show stating that the "Trolley Square" shooter had yelled out Allah Ahkbar (God is Great) while mowing down innocent shoppers. Police, FBI, and witnesses quickly discredited this version of events and Cannon said he would retract when the reporter who gave him the story retracted.

Its good to know that inspector "Maxwell Cannon" is still relying on his "shoephone" for breaking news. The problem we have here in Utah is that our newspapers are written at the 6th grade level. Maybe, for the AllahAhkbarbarian's sake we should limit our written press to simple pictures or cave paintings.

In another story, Inspector Cannon was busy looking for terrorists along the Mexican Border. Maybe he should just pass a bill in Congress that would make it mandatory for our government to place signs along the border that state "If you are coming here to shoot up any Utah malls please call Inspector Cannon on his "shoephone". Then he wouldn't have to rely on any secondary sources.

Its good to know our Congressman isn't wasting taxpayer money on "fact checkers" or "research assistants"

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
March 23, 2007 04:38PM
According to the Deseret Anti-Mormon News, proper warfare against a superior enemy should be fought on the open field of battle. Each individual wearing a nametag and a target on their chest.

Its a good thing that the Founding Fathers didn't listen to their corrupt whining. George Washington knew he was fighting a better armed, better trained and better equipped force. He chose to avoid meeting them on the open battlefield just for that reason. He won by fighting a guerilla war.

But, Mormons4Justice has a proposal for Herr Cannon-Briber and his brother the Cannon AllahAhkbarbarian:

1. We will disclose our identity if they disclose theirs!

2. Publish an article of "confession" whereby they renounce their sheepskin and admit that they are really wolves feeding on the flock of Christ.

3. Admit that they cheated Utah County out of Geneva Steel.

4. Admit that they tried to cheat the Geneva Employees out of their full-pension benefits by trying to separate the $85 million in water shares from the company.

5. Admit that, they in fact, are a highly organized "secret combination" that operates under the cover of darkness.

6. Renounce your membership in the LDS Church and resign from the Deseret News.

You want to know who we are. We want the people of Utah to know who you are. We are willing to make a "fair exchange".

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Huh! This was given to us "anonymously". We have always wondered what kind of guy would take on Utah's/Farmers Power Brokers!

Free report for: Paul A Drockton M.A.

Idealists, as a temperament, are passionately concerned with personal growth and development. Idealists strive to discover who they are and how they can become their best possible self -- always this quest for self-knowledge and self-improvement drives their imagination. And they want to help others make the journey. Idealists are naturally drawn to working with people, and whether in education or counseling, in social services or personnel work, in journalism or the ministry, they are gifted at helping others find their way in life, often inspiring them to grow as individuals and to fulfill their potentials.

Idealists are sure that friendly cooperation is the best way for people to achieve their goals. Conflict and confrontation upset them because they seem to put up angry barriers between people. Idealists dream of creating harmonious, even caring personal relations, and they have a unique talent for helping people get along with each other and work together for the good of all. Such interpersonal harmony might be a romantic ideal, but then Idealists are incurable romantics who prefer to focus on what might be, rather than what is. The real, practical world is only a starting place for Idealists; they believe that life is filled with possibilities waiting to be realized, rich with meanings calling out to be understood. This idea of a mystical or spiritual dimension to life, the "not visible" or the "not yet" that can only be known through intuition or by a leap of faith, is far more important to Idealists than the world of material things.

Highly ethical in their actions, Idealists hold themselves to a strict standard of personal integrity. They must be true to themselves and to others, and they can be quite hard on themselves when they are dishonest, or when they are false or insincere. More often, however, Idealists are the very soul of kindness. Particularly in their personal relationships, Idealists are without question filled with love and good will. They believe in giving of themselves to help others; they cherish a few warm, sensitive friendships; they strive for a special rapport with their children; and in marriage they wish to find a "soulmate," someone with whom they can bond emotionally and spiritually, sharing their deepest feelings and their complex inner worlds.

Idealists are rare, making up between 20 and 25 percent of the population. But their ability to inspire people with their enthusiasm and their idealism has given them influence far beyond their numbers.

The Four types of Idealists are:

Healers (INFP) | Counselors (INFJ) | Champions (ENFP) | Teachers (ENFJ)

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