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Former President's Council District Manager story

Posted by Anonymous 
We have established that Chris Cannon recieved incredibly large amounts of money from Farmers Insurance and its affiliate companies after Drockton caught wind of the company's criminal actions and reported them to Cannon and law enforcement.

Farmers and affiliate companies can be found by clicking on the Chris Cannon link to the left of this article.

Our investigation has discovered that Farmers and its affiliates also donated money to Cannon's campaign through various polical action committees to mask their source. This is money laundering, plain and simple. Another R.I.C.O. violation

There is more than enough evidence to show that Christopher and Joseph Cannon did conspire with Farmers Insurance Executives to shut down the Mormon Discrimination complaint brought by Drockton and others. They shut down the media through Joseph Cannon's influence on the Board of Directors for Deseret News. They shut down the criminal investigation through his influence as State Republican Chairman and Utah County Republican Chairman.

There is also more than enough evidence to investigate Bribery, Obstruction of Justice, Witness tampering and numerous other R.I.C.O. violations against both Cannons and Farmers Insurance.

We are beginning to publish our evidence on the Chris Cannon link to the left of this article. We will only add to it until Cannon and Farmers are thoroughly investigated, convicted and punished.

Cannon had the motive, the means and the access. Now we'll see if a Utah Republican and his brother can stay out of jail.

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Law Enforcement has been notified. We found out today that Mr. Drockton recently gave an interview to the Deseret News. He pointed out that the reporter was extremely interested in the whereabouts of one Curt Windhorst, AKA McLaughlin. He went over the Cannon findings and the FBI complaint. She asked him if he went to the FBI in person. She also seemed very surprised to learn that Mr. Drockton had given Chris Cannon all of the documents relating to the discrimination complaint after he found out Farmers was trying to destroy him in 2002.

Chris Cannons financial fortunes turned around after he got Drockton's info and apparantly used it to solicit campaign contributions from Farmers/Zurich. His 1.7 million dollar loan was also paid shortly after he came into this information.

Here's the dilemna:

1. If the Feds have Windhorst, what else do they have? Thus, the reporters question.

2. If the Deseret News smears Drockton and Cannon is still indicted it permanently destroys their credibility as the LDS Church Newspaper.

3. If they don't do a story, after being fed the information for over 4 years, then they can be held criminally liable for suppressing it. More importantly, Joe Cannon is forced to resign after an indictment of he and his brother.

4. If Democrats take over Congress, Republicans go into the Minority and Cannon faces an ethics investigation from them over Abramoff and the Farmers scandal.

5. Enough people now know the story and are spreading it around.

For those interested in impacting the outcome please contact the newspaper at the following. Call, fax and e-mail. ask them why they will not publish the Drockton story. Tell them that you are concerned that the Church Newspaper is now the Cannon Newspaper. He does, after all, sit on the Board of Directors.

Don't let anyone tell you they don't have the facts or this isn't newsworthy! You know better!

LDS Church News —

(801) 237-2141
fax: (801) 237-2524; cnews@desnews.com

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
October 22, 2006 05:24PM
1,461 days in captivity!!!

For Paul A Drockton, his wife and 6 children.

Held captive by:

Farmers Insurance/Cannon Conspiracy and their Future Felons of America organization.

Blackballed, near Bankrupted, Slandered, Criminally Defamed, Libeled, Persecuted, Harrassed, Betrayed and Physically Assaulted all for his religious beliefs in the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS.

Will you help set him free? Sign the Petition!!!


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In organized crime, the higher-ups never get their hands dirty. They've got soldiers to do their dirty work.

Curt Windhorst was the go-between between Farmers Insurance and now convicted Felon Jill Beard. It looks like he played the same role with Cannon/Farmers/Abramoff relationship.

The bag-man sets up the deal on behalf of the higher powers. He also gets them money, usually cash. He played this role with Farmers Financial Solutions and Beard, Hatton and some of the other discrimination victims. He is the go-between/liason/runner.

It seems that Drockton came into Utah at the wrong time. In early 2002, Farmers was involved in some heavy dealings with Abramoff and looking to get into the casino business. they needed cash and they needed to stay under the radar. They were also, like most criminals, somewhat paranoid.

Brian Braddock was a critical player. The man on the scene. Farmers had taken a huge beating on their investments, loosing billions in the stock market crashes. Casino gambling was the most lucrative thing going. They wanted in.

Braddock's goal was to get the money needed take care of Farmers other business interests. That's why rates went up. It could be why Farmer's adjusters were shaking down body shops. Drockton's district, mostly LDS, was being overcharged a minimum of 1 million dollars in premium. Agents felt, if they complained about the rates, they were being targeted with harrassment. Even though high rates eventually drive off business, it didn't matter. The money was needed now.

Farmers has been given the opportunity to refute these things and has not responded. We will therefore proceed:

It appears that Braddock was suspicious of any "new guy" he didn't personally recruit. He knew Drockton was clean and had a record as a "reformer" when he was involved in politics in Parma, Ohio. He had helped uncover his share of scandals and had reported them to law enforcement. He was a major threat. In short, he didn't want anyone snooping around and asking questions. Especially someone that could easily be an FBI informant. He needed to get Drockton out of the picture, period.

Drockton thought it was a Mormon thing. It probably was just criminal paranoia. When Drockton took on the Braddock family, he was taking on Farmers, something else that didn't make sense to Braddock.

When Drockton filed the complaints he needed to be discredited and destroyed. That was the goal. Any credibility about "Mormon discrimination" would bring every Mormon law enforcement officer in the state down on Braddock's back.

That's where Cannon came in. Highly respected, heroes of the now bankrupt Geneva Steel. Chris and Joe Cannon were political leaders in the Utah Mormon community. They were also desparate, just Farmers, for money.

Chris Cannon was in debt to his campaign for 1.7 million dollars. Not a very good fundraiser, he relied more on brother Joe's help as Utah County Republican Chairman. He averaged a paltry $340,000 in raised funds before he got together with Farmers.

He had also seen his net worth go from 20 million dollars as a Venture Capitalist, down to a paltry 2 million dollars. His once thriving Venture Capital firm was now only worth $500,000. Venture Capitalists thrived during the Dot.Com boom taking no-names public and then profiting from the high flying stock values.

The only problem is, when the Nasdaq crashed, it took a lot of Venture Capitalists with it.

Drockton went to Cannon after he learned about the Farmers bribe to Jill Beard and asked for help. Cannon went to Farmers, or more than likely, Curt Windhorst went to Cannon as Farmers "bag man".

The deal was cut, Joe would handle the newspapers and the Utah County investigation of Farmers. Chris would get the financial benefits through his campaign. In 2003 he doubled his contributions and somebody paid off his 1.7 million dollar debt..

At the same time as Cannon's fortunes were going up Abramoff was getting money from Farmers and Zurich for other Congressmen. Chris Cannon was not enough. They needed others if they wanted to hit the real jackpot. Internet gambling is a trillion dollar industry. What if they ran it from one of Abramoff's casinos? It would have all the tax benefits of being overseas. It could easily change Farmers/Zurich fortunes. And it wouldn't hurt Chris and Joe Cannon's fortunes either.

Herin lies the problem. The different Indian tribes were independent businessmen, and they all wanted in, and so did the Congressmen in their respective states. It would be one big happy business partnership that would everybody, including the Cannons, quite wealthy. That's why Cannon supported internet gambling.

But, what about Drockton? He could screw everything up! He had documented proof that Farmers had paid Jill Beard to discredit him and ruin his financial standing! No problem! Windhorst would be the inside man, staying with Drockton as long as possible after he left Farmers as a "partner" in his new business ventures. His job was to get Drockton to put as much in as possible. Then, he made sure that Drockton got nothing out of his various ventures.

The Cannon's placated the questioning Church officials, law enforcement and the media. Drockton, was the one that sold out, they explained. He was trying to blackmail Farmers, and a host of other lies designed to isolate him while they quietly destroyed him.

The Jill Beard thing was problematic. Drockton had gone to court and now had proof of Farmers treachury. He was preparing everything for law enforcement and starting to work with the Feds.

Right after his court win, a very providential thing happened that could have shut him up forever.

On his way to his Provo office, in late January 2002, Drockton's Mercedes was side-swiped by a car going well over 50 miles per hour. It hit him on the front driver's side and spun him into a telephone poll. It should have killed him.

But, he was driving a late model Mercedes with side- door air-bags. They stopped his head from slamming into the side window. He was severely injured. But, he wasn't dead. Farmers and the Cannon's must have been very dissappointed. A suspicious accident would have saved them a whole lot of aggravation.... (to be continued)

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Brian Cohen was the head of Farmers Broker Dealer, Farmers Financial Solutions LLC. Marty Feinstein gave him the position. They were close.

Various factors prevented Farmers Insurance from using its General Insurance Fund to invest in Indian Casino gambling.

1. The fund is watched by the California Insurance Commissioner who was not on the best of terms with Farmers.

2. AM Best and Standard and Poors had already marked down Farmers for its huge losses in the stock market. The Insurance ratings companies would not have been excited to restore those ratings if they learned that Farmers plan was to go from one speculative investment to casino gambling!

3. How do you pay off a Congressman's 1.7 million dollar debt from your general fund without someone noticing?

The answer, of course, was you use your Broker dealer, Farmers Financial Solutions.

1. Mutual Funds can invest in any company that fits the Fund's objective, no problem!

2. An aggressive growth fund could invest in an Indian Casino or Internet Gambling Company without violating any laws.

Chris Cannon owned a venture capital firm. Venture Capitalists take companies public, that's what they do. All Cannon had to do was find a Farmers provided start-up company, claim half the stock, and then sell the stock to one of Farmers Financial Services LLC mutual funds at a huge profit!

Cannon gets his 1.7 from the suckers that invested in the fund, not Farmers. Gosh, if Farmers Management also made some money through owning the start-up indirectly, double bonus!!!

One problem! Drockton finds out about the no-service contract Farmers Financial Solutions used to bribe Jill Beard and reports it to the Feds.

In 2004, Marty Feinstein leaves his 3 million dollar CEO position 10 years before he planned to. Why, because he hears credible rumors that Farmers is being investigated for violating Federal laws! He is facing some pretty tough questions, so, he humbly takes the CEO position of a software company that pays him less than 10% of what he made with Farmers.

Why? Because the company is located in England! He can get out of the States and avoid talking to the Feds!

Jill Beard gets convicted of Felony fraud and other criminal actions. Drockton goes to the NASD. In early, 2006, Curt Windhorst, who had changed his name to Curt McLaughlin, also abruptly leaves the state of Utah for whereabouts unknown! He is picked up by the Feds and everyone really starts to get nervous!

In 2006, Brian Cohen, Farmers next CEO and current #2 also abruptly resigns and goes to.....

You guessed it! The same Company Marty went to when he left Farmers!

Mclaughlin AKA Windhorst was the go between for Farmers Financial Solutions and Chris Cannon, Brian Cohen , Jill Beard etc. etc. etc. If anybody can connect the dots it was Curt. And now he is in Federal custody!

Again we give Farmers Insurance the opportunity to challenge anything presented in this scenario. We will notify you of any response.

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Drockton was savy and he had "street-cred" He was a veteran of the USAF (4 years). LDS missionary, college instructor. At the age of 29 he ran for Mayor of Parma, Ohio and came in second in a three-way race that included a 20 year mayor and the incumbant.

1. Drockton hated corruption and he was not afraid to take it on when he had enough evidence to prove it existed. [www-catalog.cpl.org]

2. He had a Masters in History and was a gifted researcher known for getting to the core of the issue. No-one ever challenged his research or conclusions.

3. He succeeded in uncovering a Health Insurance scandal and saved Parma, Ohio millions of dollars in the process.

4. He initiated a Charter for the City of Parma , was elected vice-chair by his rivals and wrote most of the reform-minded document. It was firmly endorsed by the Plain Dealer as a progressive document ahead of its time.

5. He had a record of working with Federal Law Enforcement in Parma and was not afraid of sending people to prison.

6. He was relentless. He knocked every door in the city of 100,000 and walked the entire city 3 times. His opponents called him "your best friend or your worst nightmare" depending on whether you crossed him.

7. He was intelligent. Reportedly never missing a question on any IQ test. Drockton had a photgraphic memory and perfect auditory memory that was destroyed by the car accident. He also read a reported 1500 words per minute!

8. He was eloquent, a gifted writer. He was well known as a President's Council District Manager and won every award Farmers had.

9. In short, as his enemies said, "Your worst Nightmare"

The only thing we know about Brian Braddock is that he was a rich kid who drove a beer delivery truck!

No wonder Farmers had to discredit Drockton!

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Cannon Farmer
Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
October 26, 2006 10:16PM
[www.capitaleye.org]) $9,000 to Cannon.

[www.capitaleye.org] List of all politicians and what they recieved:

We have linked $28,500 from Abramoff, the Indian Tribes, Greenberg et al: to Cannon's Campaign. That's $500 more than Delay on the above list!!! That's also close to 10% of his 2001-2002 average total donations.!

In business terms, Abramoff owned at least 10% of Cannon's time. 2 hours per day, every day of the week!

Now, Farmers Group Inc's PAC donated practically every penny to someone or something tied to Jack Abramoff!!!!

Cannon got $50,000 from Farmers/Zurich/BAT and friends in the 2005-2006 cycle alone!!!!

In short: Farmers 2005-2006 donations alone of $50,000 + Abramoff's total of $28,500 = $78,500 that can be traced to Abramoff!!!!

That makes Chris Cannon (R) Utah the largest individual recipient of $$$$ linked to Abramoff!!!

No wonder he doesn't want to talk about it!

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
October 30, 2006 11:37PM
Salt Lake Tribune Recognizes our right to exist!


One small problem. We don't want more more Mormons in the legislature, we just want a legislature that doesn't discriminate against Mormons because of party, personal or corporate interests.

Chris Cannon is a "so-called" Mormon when its convenient politically and won't cost him anything to do the right thing.

The second part of the article tries to link us to the far-right. But, since Cannon is a far-right Congressman, that too looks stupid.

Other than that. Thank you for reporting our story!

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
November 03, 2006 05:46PM
Not really.


After the above was posted the webmaster accused us of insulting both the Democrat and Cannon. We were told we would be banned from any more posts if we did it again.

No-one seems to care about the insults that they have heaped upon their victims. If we are banned, than its just one more Cannon controlled media vehicle in Utah that is trying to keep his criminal actions from ever seeing the light of day.

How does a Congressman with such great sensivity keep doing such awfull things to other people? "Me thinketh the Cannon doth protest too much."

Hmmm. maybe if they bleat loud enough they still might convince us that they really are sheep!

Baaa! Baaa? Baaaaa?!

Wolf-chops anyone?

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
November 07, 2006 05:39AM
If you are an agent you should consider joining UFAA today! It would have saved Drockton's career with Farmers!

Contrary to what they say. The both discriminated and retaliated against Mormon agents. A United agents association has the ability to help you with legal advice so that you don't lose everything. Don't trust them. They can ruin your business and your life without cause.

JOIN UFAA!!! This is our opinion. It has not been paid for or influenced by anyone!!!

Avoid Drockton's fate!!!

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
November 08, 2006 05:04PM
For two hours the polls were down in Utah County. Utah County is the most Mormon county in Utah. People were turned away from the polls and were not even offered paper ballots. Now they are calling it a "glitch".

Others were told that paper ballots would not be counted. All of this is against Federal and State laws!

If this were a protected minority county the National media would be all over it, as well they should be. But, Mormons are not a protected minority.

Consider the following:

Joseph Cannon is the Republican State Party Chairman. He is also the major influence on the Board of Directors at the Deseret News. His brother Chris Cannon is the Congressman for much of Utah County.

The Cannons, through political contributions and patronage, heavily influence the Republican Senate and House in Utah. Don't look for any legislative investigation unless its a whitewash! Republicans in the executive branch were the ones with oversight.

Thus we have the "glitch" explanation. A "glitch" is something very minor. Something that we should not even pay attention to.

The Cannons also control the Utah media. Notice the total lack of concern for the amount of money Abramoff and Safavian raised for Chris Cannon. Notice the total lack of concern over the money Cannon raised from Farmers Insurance by betraying fellow Mormons, Paul Drockton and others who were discriminated against. Notice the lack of media coverage on the $85 million dollars in water shares that were magically returned to Geneva Steel.

Don't look for the Democrats to help either.

Our only hope is the Feds. That is who we complained to. That is who you need to complain to. No guarantees, but at least we have a chance of being heard.

This isn't about Cannon's victory. That would have happened regardless, and frankly, we more than expected it. We also expect him to be indicted regardless.

This is about Mormons being denied their right to vote. They did it to us in Missouri. They did it to us in Illinois. They even did it tous in 19th century Utah. The fact that Mormon traitors aided and abetted them is just one more reason to cast a suspicious eye on yesterday's reported "glitch".

For those of us with sons fighting and bleeding for Democracy in Iraq, can we have an Amen?

Contact: [wd.usdoj.gov] if you were denied your right to vote!

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Farmers Faces Perfect Storm
November 15, 2006 05:21AM
Sometimes an ill wind blows, and for Farmers Insurance and Chris and Joe Cannon, we could be witnessing the perfect storm.

1. ABC news is all over Abramoff's connections to Karl Rove. Rove is the brains behind the Republican ascendency and is the right-wing's answer to Dick Morris. Mr. Morris, you will recall was taken out by the Republicans and his own party, after the Dems lost Congress. Rove will go out the same way.

2. Romney is a potential spoiler going into the Republican primary. He is also close to Rove. McCain and Guiliani are determined to force him out before New Hampshire. Rove's resignation will be a great loss to the Romney campaign.

3. Utah is a critical state for Romney both politically and financially. Look for presssure from all sides to seek to dismantle the Cannon/Republican political machine. Chris Cannon's exposure and resultant resignation would greatly impact Romney's campaign.

4. Utah will get its 4th seat. By indicting Chris Cannon, he becomes unelectable going into a special election that will definitely take place once the state's Congressional Districts are redrawn. The Dems. would love to have two representatives from Utah and weaken the Republican Party's chances of winning the state in the next presidential election.

5. Once Cannon is out of the way, he will be a fourth or fifth witness to Abramoff's involvement with Farmers Insurance. Due to Marty's abrupt resignation and Brian Cohen's, Farmers is facing a criminal investigation that could quite possibly force the entire management team out.

6. Tobacco money influenced Republican's, but it won't buy any Democrat support. British American Tobacco will go from favorite son to unwanted step-child. With Clinton leading the Democratic Party, and his anti-tobacco crusade, more hearings and indictments will probably follow Marty Feinstein into RJR America.

7. The victims of harrassment and discrimination will follow though with a potential billion dollar class action suit against Farmers for harrassment, defamation, redlining and a host of other proven charges.

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
November 17, 2006 05:35PM
In what political insiders are calling a "shocking" development. Joseph Cannon resigned as Chairman of the Republican Party in Utah effective "immediately."

"This isn't what we expected," disclosed one anonymous Republican, "Joe held on to Utah for the party when everyone else lost seats. We expected him to go National, not resign!"

National, we assume, meant the next step was for Joseph Cannon to become part of the leadership of the National Republican Party. As head of the Utah Republican Party, the dominant member of the Board of Directors of the Deseret News and the brother of Utah Congressman, Chris Cannon; Joseph Cannon was the dominant political force in Utah.

"He controlled everything, everything, the House, Senate in Utah, the media, everything..." mourned our source, "you guys took all that away with a little blog on the internet and an e-mail campaign to the powers that be. Who would have thunk it..."

Yeah, who would have thunk it....

[www.sltrib.com] (Cannon Resigns effective immediately)

To Read more about our investigation of Joe Cannon go to our website:


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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
November 17, 2006 06:45PM
ons4Why would BYU, the Mormon Church's University, do business with a Lobbying firm that openly supports and contributes financially to gay/lesbian/bisexual causes??? $75,000 worth of school funds on this report alone? Doesn't BYU recieve funding from the general tithes of the Church? Sacred Funds? Being used to lobby for homosexual/bisexual causes that are doctrinely prohibited by BYU and the Church????

Isn't the Gay/lesbian lifestyle prohibited by BYU's honor code?


And is listed as the lobbiest for Swiss Re. (Zurich/Farmers) as of 2005. Interesting that Swiss Re had such close ties to Farmers/Zurich Insurance. Was this another "sweatheart" deal designed to shut down the anti-Mormon investigation against Farmers/Zurich in Utah?




Joe's firm helps brother Chris: [www.beyonddelay.org]

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
November 19, 2006 01:33AM
There was a kingdom that was dominated by two very evil ogres. One of the ogres, seeing that his smiley mask was no longer fooling anyone, chose to go into semi-seclusion. The other, which lived in a big castle in the middle of town, had just returned from a very hard-fought battle.

One night, just before he retired to bed, he heard the town crier shout out the evening news:

"Unknown king wants to build castle on outskirts of town!" shouted out the town crier.

The news startled the ogre. He had not planned on having to go to war again for the next few years! Instead, he had hoped to live off of his recent ill-gotten gains with his semi-retired brother!

If this new king moved in unopposed, then, he would be percieved as someone that even the ogre feared!

Worse than that! The town law stated that when a new castle is built, all castles can be challenged!!!

"I just barely defeated the last challenger," thought the ogre to himself. "I am too wounded and my armor is too cankored and rusty to fight another battle right now!"

Besides, the people of the town were very angry at the ogre and his brother for pillaging the granery reserved for old peasants that could no longer work!

And then that evil, old ogre devised a very subtle and cunning plan!!!!

If somehow, he could prevent the new king from building a castle; no-one would challenge his!!!!

"I can't do it myself," he thought to himself...and so he called a meeting of every evil peasant that had loyally served him. For, the ogre had altered the laws in such a way that the guilty had gotten away with their crimes.

Surprisingly to no-one, the town crier also came to the meeting. Unbenownst to the townspeople, he was also in the evil ogres employ. In return for gold and silver, he only spoke of great and noble things when he spoke of the evil ogre. Covering for his crimes and ignoring those wounded and injured by the evil ogre's wickedness...


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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
November 19, 2006 09:01PM
1. 10 Worthy Latter-Day Saints complain to their Republican, so-called Mormon Congressman about being discriminated and harrassed by Farmers Insurance. Instead of trying to help, he uses the situation to solicit tens of thousands of dollars for his campaign from Farmers Insurance and its parent company, Zurich!

His brother Joe, who ran the Utah Republican party, makes sure that the issue doesn't go anywhere in the Republican legislature or in the Utah media!!!

2. $85 million dollars in water shares, that could have been used to save Geneva Steel and/or fund its pension plan disappear before the company bankruptcy, and magically reappear 4 years later, as part of a settlement that involves the Federal Pension Guarantee Program! Joe Cannon and Chris Cannon were the owners of the company.

Nothing in the Cannon controlled media about this either! Meanwhile, retirees struggle to make ends meet and former employees of Geneva lose everything!!! Some even commit suicide!!! The cover-up only continues.

3. Cannon former Chief of Staff, David Safadian, is convicted of felonies and goes to the Big House. He admits that he lobbied for Abramoff interests and his own while working for Chris Cannon as his chief of staff!!!

4. Cannon's campaign is linked directly to Jack Abramoff, Safadian, and Indian tribes that seek to protect or get involved in casino gambling. Tens of thousands of dollars are given to his campaign. Nothing in the media!!!

5. For 2 hours, voting machines malfunction in Cannon's Congressional District. Thousands are turned away from the polls! Not even given the option of a paper ballot! Disenfranchised! The Cannon media calls it a minor "glitch"

6. The Cannon controlled Publisher is "outed" by us as a possible Christian Scientist with heavy ties to globalist organizations and not one response from the Cannon media!

7. Joe Cannon's firm, Pillsbury-Winthrop, forces its employees to swear loyalty, in writing to the Gay/Lesbian agenda and support it financially; and scores 100% from a gay organization for doing so. Rather than resigning from Pillsbury-Winthrop, Cannon resigns as head of the Utah Republican Party! Pillsbury-Winthrop is the lobbyist for BYU, the LDS University, which prohibits homosexual behavior through its "honor code." Homosexuality is also condemned by LDS doctrine.


Fail to bring out these issues in the campaign and lose by a huge lop-sided percentage, It turns out that they have too many skeletons in their closet to be effective in their opposition. Their stance on abortion, euthenasia, property rights and anti-religious stance makes them an unattractive alternative to most Latter-Day Saints.

The only visible alternative?

Seems to be the Constitution Party of Utah. The Constitution is considered revelation to Latter-Day Saints. Supporting it is a commandment, not a suggestion. Jim Noorlander won 10% of the vote in Cannon's district. He could have won if he had the resources.

Lets get him the resources!!! We will have a chance to make a change once the 4th Congressional seat is approved (over Cannon media objections). There will be a special election in the next few months that will cause all 4 congressmen to run again!

Here is the link: [www.cputah.org]

Joseph Smith organized his own political party when the powers that be took Mormon votes, but failed to protect their interests. Maybe its time for us to do the same!!!

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
November 21, 2006 09:14PM
The Cannon/Deseret anti-Mormon News states that thousands of people in Utah County being denied the right to vote is "no big deal". Translation, the outcome would have been the same even if, for 2 whole hours, voters were turned away from the polls and not given a paper ballot.

The article also talks about an altered data base being given to the poll workers. This conflicted with the certified ones in the machines and caused the "crash". They don't tell us who did the altering.


Using that logic we could argue that the "Watergate" break-in was no big deal because Nixon would have won the election anyway!

Watergate was a big deal because a sitting president's campaign committed a series of felonies because they were afraid of losing an election. No-one could have predicted the outcome of Cannon's congressional race. No-one could have predicted that his opponents would choose to not expose him via the information gathered from our web-postings!

But, with Joe Cannon still presiding over the Cannon/Deseret anti-Mormon News, and freshly resigned from his position as State Republican Chairman, don't expect any real investigation coming from Utah.

If an effective investigation of the Utah County election felonies is to occur, it will come from the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Attorney's Office which is run by the Republican Party; or by the FBI, which is run by neither party! We put our money on the FBI!

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
November 22, 2006 08:27PM
There were a lot of good reasons for Joe Cannon to "immediately" resign as Chairman of the Republican Party. He is now and should be viewed as "tainted goods." We believe that committed Latter-Day Saints are tired of politicians that want to butter their bread on both sides. Especially when they are Latter-day Saints!

Now Deseret Management Corp. (the for profit corporation that owns the Deseret News) needs to finish the job. Cannon needs to step down from the Board of Directors of the Deseret News and be replaced by someone without all the baggage!

Someone that actually reflects the values of the target audience, which is the LDS community in Utah! Here is a reminder of why its time for a change:

1. Cannon chose to benefit his own personal fortunes when he owned Geneva Steel. The $85 million in water shares could have been sold to fully fund the pensions of Geneva workers, or even keep the company operational. He chose to have the Federal Pension Guaranty fund pay discounted pensions to Geneva employees and allowed the company to go bankrupt. That decision ruined good Latter-Day lives!

2. Cannon used his influence as head of the Republican Party and Board leader at the Deseret News to squelch any efforts to help the 10 LDS agents and District Manager that went to his brother for help. They had documented proof that Farmers was criminal in its efforts to retaliate and undermine a legitimate anti-Mormon discrimination complaint.

3. The two hours of non-voting time in his brother Congressional District did nothing to engender confidence in his support of the LDS community.

4. His open advocacy of the homosexual agenda is clearly in opposition to the teachings of our living Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley.

5. Abramoff, Safavian, gambling interests, Indian Casinos, tobacco money and soliciting/receiving large amounts of money from an anti-Mormon company to shut down a discrimination complaint have made his brother Chris a Political Pariah. So much so, that Cannon Republicans are willing to let an additional Congressional seat pass Utah by, rather than go through another Republican Primary in 2007.

This is Thanksgiving Week.

There's not any room in the fridge for this leftover turkey!

Cannon needs to resign or be removed from the Board of the Deseret News!

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
November 25, 2006 01:34AM
Please include my name for Paul Drockton against Farmer's insurance. I've known Paul Drockton for years and can say without reservation that he is a man of impeccable character.

He's an idealist who tries to help people whenever he can. I would trust Paul Drockton with my life and that of my family--That's the type of man he is.

Donald George Fair
Retired AF Officer
Current Middle School and Carl Albert State College Adjunct Instructor

I have known Paul Drockton and he is one of the most honest and trustworthy persons I have ever met. If Farmers Insurance is a reputable company they should address this issue with Paul Drockton and take the necessary steps to correct it.

Jay Parma
Former President
Brooklyn School Board

Here are some other references that you can look up at Farmers.com. Go to agent locator section and you can e-mail them. [www.farmersagent.com]

Fort Wayne, Indiana: (Drockton's old District)

1. James Mesaros
2. Tom Gerbers
3. Ron Wise
4. Larry Elliott
5. Marty Bosse
6. Jared Raimer

These agents will tell you that Drockton was one of the best things to happen to any of them and Farmers Insurance in Indiana.

Utah: (Drockton's Utah agents)

1. Doug Orton
2. Kress Staheli
3. Douglas Judd
4. Micah Gubler
5. Josh Cranney
6. Dan Cranney
7. Zelda Demille
8. Randy Tuckett

This is a good start for Utah. Ask them about Drockton. They will tell you the same thing as the Indiana agents.

Also, they can tell you everything you want to know about Brian Braddock's (Farmers former Utah State Director) anti-Mormon ways.

We would love to see the list of Utah/Mormon Farmers Agents (still active in the Church) that would say anything good about Farmer's Utah Anti-Mormon- Brian Braddock!!!

Read the Farmers Insurance/Cannon conspiracy at: [www.farmersinsurancegroupsucks.com]

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
November 26, 2006 10:02PM
In the movie, "Fun with Dick and Jane" an unscrupulous CEO plays corporate raider and strips away a large corporations assets and then converts them to portable bonds for his own personal use.

The company goes into bankruptcy and all of its thousands of employees watch as their home values plummet, their incomes and retirement vanishes overnight. People that made a good income are reduced to working meaningless minimum wage jobs. Some, like Dick and Jane, enter a life of crime. The media does the usual investigation of the rich and powerfull; and the corporate crook almost gets away!

Consider Troy Wendell Hansen, Steven Bingham and Brian Tucker. Our source has told us that these men were ex-employees of, you guessed it, Geneva Steel. After they were laid off and faced with huge financial obligations, they started robbing banks.


Utah leads the way in fraud and bankruptcy filings. 70% of all marriages that end in divorce, do so because of financial pressure.

Imagine, you're 45 years old, living a comfortable life, when bam, its all taken away. You heard the rumors about the $85 million dollars in water shares being stripped away from Geneva steel by Joe Cannon and you are angry that the money wasn't put back into your company.

You go to your Bishop for help, friends and relatives. You try finding another job. But, you are 45 years old. The Cannons are active Mormons, how could they do this to you and your family? The anger only increases.

Then you find that your retirement fund has only been 10% funded and is insolvent. You start getting letters from Creditors; the phone calls are incessant. You miss your first house payment. Things start breaking down becauseof poor maintanance. Your new Wal-mart job doesn't even cover your car payments. You have no health insurance and you can't afford COBRA.

Suicide was how some of Joe Cannon's former employees dealt with the pressure. Others wallowed in pornography or internet gambling. Still others, like the three bank-robbers, decided jail was worth the risk of making a little money.

In the end, when someone you trust and respect, steals your life away, it has an impact on how you view everything else that happens in your life. You stop believing in goodness. Some stop believing in God. Others think its O.K. to do whats been done to you.

Cynicism crosses generations. No matter how you look at it, the Geneva bankruptcy fiasco didn't have to happen. Shepards are supposed to feed their flocks, not devour them as midnight snacks.

How much misery was Joe Cannon able to buy with that $85 million in water shares? We'll probably never know as long as he continues on the Board of the Deseret anti-Mormon News.

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Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
November 28, 2006 04:25PM
Big News in Utah!!!!!


Not so Big News in Utah!


1. It all depends on how much money you donate to Chris Cannon's campaign! If Richards wanted to stay out of the Cannon controlled Deseret News, all he had to do was ask, and make a large political donation to Chris Cannon's campaign for congress!!!

2. Mormons being viciously attacked and destroyed doesn't matter to the Christian Scientist Editor of the Cannon controlled newspaper. Probably because, unlike Cannon, these were practicing Mormons!

3. Farmers Insurance had a big advertising contract with the company that owns KSL and the Deseret News! We Thank Thee Oh God For a Profit!!!!

4. Farmers Insurance is owned by Big Tobacco (British American Tobacco). THE biggest donor group to the National Republican Party! Its time for Mormons to reach out to those that disagree with them on life expectancy and other health issues!!!???

5. Besides, Farmers Insurance was best buds with Jack Abramoff and David Safavian before they went to jail! Coincidently, so was Christopher Cannon!!! Heck, Safavian was his Chief of Staff and brought in mucha mula!!! And, as we have already determined, when money talks (even dirty money), Cannon listens!!!

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
December 05, 2006 11:39PM
The worst fear of the Cannon Brothers is about to be realized. A special election in 2007 that forces Chris to run again for his seat!!! The Cannon-controlled media attacks the proposal for costing money!

They fail to mention the tab should be picked up by the Feds; not Utah!


The New Cannon Spokesman? Chicken Little!

How pathetic can it get?

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
December 08, 2006 10:15PM
The Publisher, and waterboy, for Deseret Morning News Board member Joseph Cannon has just announced his resignation from the newspaper! He should have also announced the beginning of the end, for the web of lies, spun by Farmers Insurance and the Cannons. This is HUGE!!!

Yesterday, the first document validating the anti-Mormon discrimination/retaliation complaint against Farmers Insurance was made public. Hughes had all this information from the beginning. He and the Cannons suppressed it and Chris Cannon profitted from it!


Now, Joseph Cannon is carrying his own water. He will write his own propaganda and do everything possible as Editor and Publisher to keep the truth about him and his brother out of the public eye!

First order of business, fire anybody that disagrees!

This guys only experience in running a business, that we know of, was bankrupting Geneva steel! Hope the reporters check their pension fund!

Does Deseret News own any water shares?

If this move doesn't show the utter desparation of Utah's first family of crime, than nothing will!

Remember, the Church does not own this rag!


Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
December 12, 2006 12:31AM
This link will take you to the actual police report filed by Paul A.Drockton with the Utah County Sheriff's department!


A few months prior to this date, Chris Cannon had been fully briefed on the contents of this report, and had chosen to solicit campaign contributions from Farmers Insurance instead of helping Drockton!

The donations started after Drockton briefed Cannon and continue today!


Joe Cannon was the Chairman of the Utah County Republican Party!

Chris's 1.7 million dollar campaign loan was also mysteriously paid off about the same time!

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
December 12, 2006 03:10AM
This slide show will take you through the documents that were initially sent to Farmers Insurance from the group of Mormon Agents complaining about religious discrimination.

Slide Show: [pictures.aol.com]

These are documents signed by:

1. Paul A Drockton M.A. (President's Council D.M.)

2. Mary C. Drockton

3. Doug Judd (Agent-Payson, UT.)

4. Randall Tuckett (Agent- Spanish Fork, UT.)

5. Kevin Hatton (Agent, Life Specialist, UT.)

6. Curt Windhorst (Agent, American Fork, UT)

7. Todd Jaramillo (Agent, Provo, UT.)

8. Zachary Orton (Agent, Orem, UT.)

9. Douglas Orton (Agent, Orem, Utah)

10. Todd Searle, (Agent, St. George, UT)

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
December 12, 2006 06:14PM

This replaces the previous links.

The above link will take you to documents that will show you why Paul Drockton felt that the "Farmers Mafia" was ready to take away his life.

When he signed the notorious "settlement agreement" he was unaware of the incredible financial/personal damage that Farmers Insurance had done to him through Contact Management. The knowledge of which, came after the agreement!!!

So this is how organized crime works, tie the victim up before you beat his brains in!

We will document this damage shortly...

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
December 12, 2006 10:19PM
How to Discredit a Well-Respected Friend!!!

Farmers does it right (not quite)!!!


1. Jill Beard started to recieve money from Farmers, without Drockton's knowledge, a few days after he filed his discrimination complaint. She continued to recieve money from Farmers even after she was removed from the company by a Court Order!!!

2. The above link will show you how Farmers and Beard colluded to discredit and later, destroy Drockton's reputation and financial standing!

3. Drockton signed a settlement agreement without knowing any of this!!! He found the documents after the Court Order gave him control of the company!!!!

4. Farmers criminal activity, which was yet unknown to Drockton, voids the settlement agreement!!!

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
December 30, 2006 12:13AM

We have posted our documents on Chris Cannon/Farmers Insurance at Digg.com. For those who are unaware of this site, it is a user-generated internet news site.

If you are a member of Digg, you can read our news at

If you, like us, are outraged over the treatment of good Latter-Day Saints by Farmers and Cannon please give us a thumbs-up to increase our exposure. Publicity, it seems, is the only road to justice in this matter.

Once you are registered, you can link other articles from FarmersInsuranceGroupSucks.com and write your own news! The more people that know about this unethical company, the better,

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Re: Former President's Council District Manager story
January 01, 2007 09:01PM
Call U.S. Congress

Toll-free: 1-877-851-6437 or 1-866-340-9281


This is a list of every Congressman and Woman in the U.S. House of Representatives. Don't bother with the Republicans, just call the Democrats (names in italics). Don't bother with anyone on the Utah delegation. Call as many states as you can!!

Ask for the Congressman/Woman's office and leave a message expressing your concern over 2 of the following concerns:

1. That Congressman Chris Cannon (R-Utah), who led the impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton is himself guilty of serious ethics violations. That he grossly understated his involvement with his former Chief of Staff, David Safavian and Jack Abramoff. Mr. Cannon reported that he had received a few thousand dollars from these two convicted felons. He in fact, received tens of thousands of dollars through them and their related concerns at Greenberg- Traurig, Janus-Meritt and other concerns.

2. That you believe that this money influenced Christopher Cannon to vote against legislation designed to ban internet gambling in 2002-2003.

3. That you believe Christopher Cannon (R-Utah) conspired with Farmers Insurance Group Inc/Zurich/British American Tobacco., Jack Abramoff and David Safavian to funnel campaign donations through their political action committee (Farmers Group Inc.) to Abramoff/Safavian gambling interests in an attempt to get involved, or protect an established interest in Indian Casino or Internet gambling.

4. That Chris Cannon inexplicably had his total campaign debt of an est. 1.7 million dollars paid off by an unknown third party during this time period. That you believe that this debt could have been paid off by Farmers Insurance/Zurich/British American Tobacco or an Abramoff/Safavian concern.

5. That you believe Farmers Insurance/Zurich/British American Tobacco also donated heavily to Cannon, starting in 2002, in order to shut down an anti-discrimination complaint filed by 10 Mormon agents/managers against Farmers/Zurich/British American tobacco. That those donations paid for a cover-up of the gross and criminal retaliation against the complainants.

6. That you also believe that Congressman Chris Cannon influenced the Federal Pension Guarantee Corporation to not prosecute his brother, Joseph Cannon, owner of Geneva Steel, for relying on a Federal pension bail-out, when he had access to company assets worth an estimated $85 million dollars. 10 times what was necessary to keep the fund solvent and pay 100% of all pension obligations.

7. That any of these issues are strong enough to bring before the Congressional Ethics Committee and are fully documented at the Mormons4Justice web blog.

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Is Drockton an FBI mole?????

An anonymous tipster reported to one of our members a very interesting bit of possible Information. It appears that Mr. Drockton was recruited by the FBI in the 1980s while working on his Masters degree. He was asked to run for mayor in the midst of a huge scandal in Parma, Ohio politics that involved a drug/gambling ring directed from city hall.

According to our source, the FBI helped him secure employment (with Farmers Insurance????) and even directed individuals to donate to his campaign! He never ran for office before, but raised close to $40,000!!!! At 29 years of age!!!

Four years later he was asked to run again, and helped break up a money laundering gang! When things got too hot, and his life was in danger, he relocated to Fort Wayne, Indiana where he laid low and built the #1 District in the State, for Farmers Insurance. Our informant tells us that Drockton still did investigative work and helped break open two major cases that involved crooked members of the Mormon Church!

The same anonymous source claims that Drockton was asked to come to Utah! He won't say why, but he said that we shouldn't expect Drockton to settle with ANYBODY, or for the case to ever make it to a CIVIL jury!!!

"Anybody that thinks this was all one big coincidence is a blind fool," he stated, "we've been trying to break into Utah since that car bomb thing."

"He's a skilled attorney without the J.D. Whatever he's got will come out during interrogatories or in open court, then look for the Big Boys to step in. Sad thing is, he'll be useless to us after that point. Too much publicity. Everyone in the country will know who he is. He'll probably have to retire. I hear he likes it in Saint George."

On a government pension???


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