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Farmers sucks

Posted by D Clark 
Farmers sucks
May 24, 2013 03:12AM
My experiences with Farmers is ongoing for eight years or more. I was rear-ended at a high rate of speed. Well, enough about me.

Farmers funded the tortfeasor's defense, unbeknownst to me until recently. Anyhow, my SUM policy is for $300,000.

In New York State here, we have a no fault law. However, the no-fault scheme, the SUM policy and the liability are all separate and apart according to New York State Law and according to my policy.

In NYS you can't get an attorney even if you are crippled, because Farmers is in the pockets of the Courts. I caught them red-handed.

My case against Farmers was summarily dismissed about a year ago. So, of course, I file an appeal. Their tricks are too numerable to list here.

They made a motion for summary judgment stating that the issues are precluded based on the tortfeasor case, which was loaded with error, erroneous reports, and fraudulently obtained and doctored evidence. For example, they paid an orthopedic doctor yes, my insurance company funded the tortfeasor's defense. That case was never finalized, and when we are served, I will file a writ or whatever. Judge Roger McDonough here in NYS is not an elected judge; however, he is the insurance industry judge.

So, without discovery occuring, or anything else, Farmers buys off and pays Roger McDonough to dismiss my case. I took the wording and excuses the Court used in the lower case and had my ducks in a row. I submitted an opposition to summary judgment in appropriate form, with doctor's affidavits, and other relevant evidence. So, Roger McDonough a politically appointed judge; not elected, says that I failed to file the opposition papers. Long story short, I went to review the file, and what did I find, I found that of course the response in opposition was in the file. I also found that Roger Mcdonough on behalf of Farmers, rendered his erroneous decision on June 27, 2012, granting defendant summary judgment, then the defendant on June 28, 2012 for the first time ever, files all of their documents at once on June 28, 2012, never having appropriately filed any of their documents prior to that time. Then, on June 29, 2012, good old Roger McDonough, whose fucking head I want to chop off, orders up the file and holds onto it during the intitial time in which I would have had to appeal, which was I guess, October 8, 2012, according to my opponent. So, the intermediate appellate division, one of whom took part in the case against the tortfeasor, and then again at the appeal level, is now an intermediate appellate court judge, loaded with money and power. He along with the others give me, until January 2013 to finalize my appeal or my appeal is dismissed. I get sick and submit the evil doings of Farmers and the judge as described and granted more time. I submit my appeal on or about April15, 2013. Farmer's refuses to stipulate to the record at the lower court level. So, I obtained a County clerk certified copy of the record index. I go to the Court and ask to have the entire file copied and certied and was refused on tape. I took pictures of the Doucments Farmers is attempting to keep from the Appelllate court. Farmers turns around and files a motion to settle record, again, leaving out my response in opposition, back in front of McDonough. Well, tired. If you use Farmer's insurance or Century 21, or the other names they are known by you are nuts. I will win, I will get justice. Let's hope the system works. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention, recently found out there are numerous undiagnoses fractures all through my body, which is not necessary for SUM coverage. The most relevant issue is bodily injury and economic loss, and serious injury is not stated, but my injuries are serious. It appears from the scan I recently got, my friggen body is basically split in bone structure. No wonder I've been in so much pain. On December 28, 2012 I recorded Farmer's attorney Mr. Lannon on the phone admitting to each and every document I filed. BOYCOTT FARMERS. THEY SUCK MOOSE.

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