My mom passed in 2010 after working for farmers insurance for 3+ years. When she died I had talked to her DM about possible life insurance she had, he replied she had none.

Fast forward to 2012. After getting hired at Prudential and learning more about the life insurance side, I called the employee benefits line for farmers insurance to inquire again. I was told that there is no record of her being an employee. I was baffled considering she started in 2006.

I decided to call an agent that used to work in my moms office and told her whole story. She was shocked that her previous DM told me she had no life insurance, stating that she knew my mom had at least a small group life policy. She also stated that my mom was in process of becoming FTA, that all the paperwork was submitted and approved, just needed to be processed. My mom started as reserve agent, became career agent, and passed away before becoming FTA. This agent said she would look into it for me but stopped picking up my calls.

Its been almost 4 yrs since my mom passes at 59. She worked 12 to 14hrs a day building her book of business, which was auctioned off to the agents in her office by her DM (DM told me I coukd take over my moms book of business, but that wasnt case). I paid $18,000 for her funeral services. This isnt about the money, I just feel with all the hard work and stress she went thru, that at the very least be recognized as an employee of farmers insurance.

Her old office was shut down, agents merged with another office, and the DM no longer is at farmers, his name is Ken Calof.

Please, any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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