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Legal FAQ

Is this site legal?
Yes, we are expressing our first amendment rights of free speech.  See disclosure at bottom of web page.  (See First Amendment)

Can you use Farmer’s logo like that legally?
Yes, our web site states that it is "unauthorized" and contains the words "Farmers Insurance Sucks". No reasonable consumer comparing Farmer’s official website with ours would assume our site to come from the same source, or thought to be affiliated with, connected with, or sponsored by Farmers.  (See Bally Total Fitness Holding Corporation v. Andrew S. Faber)

How about those meta-tags on the web page?
"a party who builds a non-commercial website to promote consumer criticism of an entity can use that entity’s trademark in the meta tags of his site to attract users to it. (See Bally Total Fitness Holding Corporation v. Andrew S. Faber)

If you plan to build a Non Commercial Free Speech web site please see: 
Public Citizen’s Legal Perils and Legal Rights of Internet Speakers 

This site is published as a public service to warn consumers of the business practices of Farmers Insurance Group.  This site is in no way affiliated, connected with, or sponsored by Farmers Insurance Group or any of its subsidiaries. All content and information on this site is my opinion or the opinion of those referenced. This site is for educational purposes. The information in the Forums or from other people, blogs or web sites  are provided at face value, we have not confirmed  any of these stories/opinions.  Copyrighted material has been used for non-commercial purposes only.  By accessing this site you agree to immediately contact us to report any incorrect data or misrepresentations of facts. We are not responsible for accuracy in story content. Individuals, news organizations, companies or government agencies referenced on this web site do not endorse this web site and are not affiliated with it (copyrighted materials used without permission). Links to any other sites are for informational purposes only and should not be considered an endorsement of the site.
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