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Ongoing Farmer's Horror Story - From Portland!

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 2:04 pm    Post subject: Ongoing Farmer's Horror Story - From Portland! Reply with quote

On 3/29/05, I was rear-ended by some idiot, Farmer's insuree. He was, by his own admission, at fault. This all occurred within the Greater Portland (Metropolitan), Oregon area.

The Farmer's employee assigned the case of my PROPERTY DAMAGE was first Brad Brungardt, and he was a real tool. After getting mysteriously "transferred" during (unsuccessful) mid-negotiations with me, another tool by the name of Tony Tanzi, an Oklahoma-based "virtual employee," started to handle the same issue.

My 1988 Nissan Pathfinder was beyond extraordinary condition. I used to be an airplane mechanic, so you can only imagine all the dealership maintenance, aviation fluids, and DOCUMENTED MAINTENANCE RECORDS (with photographs), including that of a new OEM crate engine, and its dealership installation. This thing was beautiful, and I had over 20K invested in it. Their best offer was $3700, MINUS transfer fees, etc!

So I refused! To spite my resistive efforts, Farmer's ordered the local wrecking yard (hosting my destroyed Pathfinder) to deposit its remains in front of my house... and there it has sat, FOR ALL TO SEE, since LAST OCTOBER!! I'm going to paste a big "FARMER'S INSURANCE DID THIS" sign, photograph it, and mail it to the local Newspaper, along with all my documentation!

Then, there are medical issues! My wife was transported from the scene via ambulance. The next day, she ended-up at the emergency room (again) to be shot-up with pain medication, as she was in scrutiating pain. THEN, she gets diagnosed with PTSD by a local shrink over the whole fiasco, and hasn't been the same since. She is now literally afraid to drive, or ride in the passenger seat!

MY own Insurance Company (Country Mutual) is also afraid of Farmer's. In fear of unsuccessful efforts to subrogate-out my medical claims to Farmer's, subjected me to a quackery of an "independent medical evaluation," which came-out in my favor, by a significant margin, articulating the fact that I may indeed require the future services of a surgeon! During their efforts to get the IME accomplished, my medical expenses accumulated for MONTHS, and my condition WORSENED!

I have been on narcotic meds for pain since roughly last March. And, half of the time, I can't even use them, as I work for a local public agency. Narcotics on duty are bad. My docs have even prescribed drugs to counteract my anxiety attacks, also the result of this fiasco. I suspect that I now have PTSD as well, but am afraid to have that diagnosis on my medical record.

To make things even worse, here in Oregon, the local legal community seems to greatly fear Farmer's. Once you mention "Farmer's" to an Oregon attorney, you might as well say, "The FBI is after me!"

Also in Oregon, ORS 165.540 allows "one party telephone recording." Hence, EVERYTHING related to my Farmer's claim is ON TAPE! (I saw this comming.) Any opportunity I can find to bring them down, I will take immediate advantage of it!

If anyone has ANY advice, I would love to hear it. I have no intention of backing-down from Farmer's, and I will fight to the death if necessary. I have reported the situation to the Oregon Insurance Division - TWICE! Still, no response. Their lack of action suggests to me that they have heard this before...

- Ivan
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 9:37 pm    Post subject: Fight Back! Reply with quote

Continue looking for an Attorney
Ivan, this is HORRIBLE! Unfortunately it is not unusual for Farmers to treat 3rd Party insureds in this manner, or their own insured's for that matter. Contact David Sheller (out of Texas) of the Sheller Law Firm. He "might" be able to refer you to an attorney in the Portland area who will be willing to help you.
With that said, you and your wife should see a doctor at minimum once a month to document mental and physical conditions caused by the accident. Be persistent and keep calling lawyers to see who can help you.

Spread the Word!
Write an nice letter explaining your whole situation in a very unthreatening matter and send it to your local newspaper. Call the reporter to let them know you sent it and if they or any of their colleagues can publish your letter.
Also send the letter to
Danny Westneat and Cheryl Phillip of the Seattle Times (Westneat covered the big story on Ethel Adams)

I encourage you to include on your car sign “” (it also points to this web site). Here is a sign I have used in the past: (That would make a nice bumper sticker too, wouldn't it?)

Take a picture of it and send it to me, I would happy to post it on this website! You (and anyone else!) are welcome to hand out flyers or post them in your neighborhood with the this web site also ( I think it is a little better suited for signs than which you are also welcome to make signs for. There are also some other message boards you can post your story to here:

I am not an attorney so don’t take any of this as legal advice.

Email your pictures here:

Farmers Insurance is the WORST!

Good luck! And keep us updated.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2006 6:26 am    Post subject: Lets get bumber stickers made up! Reply with quote

The bumper stickers could be sold for $3.00 with the words that say Boycott Famers Insurance, and list the website address here, that would help spread the word, and PEOPLE do read bumper stickers! Heck I would buy one maybe even more to hand out for free! The money could help defray the costs of up keep on the website. Hook up with paypal and collect the fee for the bumper sticker online, and mail them out USPS.

This would be a really good way to get out the word and soon the map of the USA would be solid orange with bubbles!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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