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Farmers Insurance Complaints and Testimonials! Submit a Complaint here!

The list of testimonials below could go on and on!  This is just the tip of the iceberg!  I will add to this list as time permits, I get dozens of email complaints about Farmers daily!  Remember, these are only the people that were able to find my web site and send me their story, there must be many many more!  Don’t be a statistic, Avoid Farmers Insurance!  Please submit your complaint in our Forum.

red ball Woman goes to Consumer Affairs Reporter for Relief "I have been battling Farmers for 8 months over a group of 150 collectibles that were damaged in a flooding incident. I posted the story then but to abbreviate the problems: The "appraiser" they assigned was promised to be accredited and qualified. He was neither, he lost his accreditation a year ago because he wouldn't do the mandated continuing education" See Post

red ball "I have been in insurance for 26 years and Farmers is the one company that I have consistently seen the most instances of sheer underhanded, dirty tactics both to their own insured’s and others." -Whifler52

red ball I am in the midst of a nightmare with Farmers. The worst part about it is that I am going to end up suing their insured who rear-ended me (while I was stopped at a light) for my medical bills! Yes that’s right, they are not even going to pay my medical bills (a mere $4500.00 - not a fortune). They offered $1200.00 and have not budged. By the way, my horrible medical claims adjuster is Jessica Trudell in the Sacramento, California region. I can’t even get a lawyer to go against them because they know that Farmers is litigating everything. It’s such a mess and I am very happy to see that someone has taken the initiative to speak out and create a board of sorts for others to do so as well. If there’s anything I can to please let me know. Take care and good luck! -via email 1/2005 Sierra Borden

In October 2004, I was broadsided in the middle of an intersection by a Farmers Insured 84 year old driver. The driver was sited by the police. Farmers Insurance danced around for two weeks about the repair of my car. I finally called there National Center and was told where to take my car for repair. Farmers was billed for the repair of my car and the cost of the rental car. Yesterday I was called by Farmers and was told that I had to sign a release so they could pay my medical bills (5 physical therepy and Doctors visits). They would not pay any pain or suffering charges because my accident was classified as a "side swipe" (impacted in the middle of an intersection !). They said if I had a problem with that to have my lawyer call him. -via email 1/2005 Jerry Denyne

I live in Humble, Texas and was hit by a Farmer’s insured.  Their insured was speeding and talking on his cell phone. My car is a 2001 Honda and our Honda Dealership does not have a body shop on site.  I had my car towed to Tejas Toyota (which are excellent, have done work for us before.)  the Farmer’s adj.  CHET MOHR - was extremely rude.  He told me I would only have a hire car until 1/6/2005 regardless if my car is ready or not. He then proceeded to tell me that they would put used parts on my Honda and I reminded him that I bought my car new and only used genuine Honda parts.  He said they were not entitled to put my car back at pre-accident state only fix it the cheapest way possible.  My husband is from Ireland and he called CHET MOHR and he actually denied saying anything like that to me.  I would never have insurance with Farmers - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER....  They do suck and I will be reporting this adjuster to the State Board of Insurance for a HUGE COMPLAINT.  I realize 4,000.00 damage to a 9,000.00 est blue book is substantial.  I commute to school across town and my husband has a truck note.  This Honda I have is paid for and I cannot take on another car note.  CHET MOHR takes his job way too personal, is way too rude, and lies.  If we have to sue them we will.  I do not believe in cheating or robbing the system.  i only want my car repaired with the same parts that were on it and my car put back to it’s pre-accident state.  My car was in excellent condition.  I take care of things I own - that is how I was brought up.  Farmer’s will eventually lose their clients one by one in every state.  That’s my story and I ’m sticking to it. -via email 1/2005 Angela Boylan

Alternatives to Farmers Insurance

My daughter’s boyfriend rear ended her about a month ago and they are using the CCC approach to value (over $1000 less than actual value). They threatened my daughter (20 yrs old college student) that if she refused the totaled amount, they would file against her title and she would not be able to renew her tag when due. Our state actually allows this to happen!!! They say the damage is over 75% of the value of the car. NOT TRUE! We were told the CD changer, diminished value, car rental were not a part of the 75% rule by the State Insurance Commissioner. Even using their CCC value this is not a total if one follows State Law. Farmer’s states they do not follow this Law! They make up there own rules. We are seemingly only going to be screwed out of $800+ which compared to the others on this site is generous. I guess we should feel lucky, take the money and run. If we can get a check after reading your site it is not likely.
If anyone is planning a class action against Farmer’s PLEASE count us in.
Screwed in Alabama,  -via email 9/2004 Kathy 

I was involved in a hit and run with someone that was insured by Farmers Insurance. Obviously I caught the guy that hit me and ran. It has been one month since the accident and I am desperately trying to get my car fixed. The guy who was assigned to my claim NEVER returns my calls, I have left literally 30-40 messages and have received NO calls back. I have a lawyer and am suing the guy and the insurance company. If there is anything I can do to help sue farmers with your class action please let me know!  
-via email 12/2004 Philip Hutchins

"Farmers screwed me too. My car was stolen and found burned 2 days later. I was told immediately by the adjuster that it was a complete loss, yet it took them 4 months to settle. I was only allowed 2 deferments on my car payment, so I had to pay for a car I didn’t have for 2 months also." -via email 4/2004 Brenda

We’re currently going through hell with Farmers Insurance. Our parked car was hit by a Farmers customer and we’re being made to jump through hoops to get our car and lives put back to the way things were before it happened. We’re not trying to take them to the cleaners, we’re not trying to get a better car out of the deal, we just want our car fixed to the state it was before it was hit.  We are innocent victims in this, we have not made any unreasonable demands and even if it wasn’t in the insurance company’s interest to pay out money, you’d think they’d at least have the human decency to not treat us like idiots and add so much longevity and stress to a situation that could have easily been resolved the very next day.  It is being made more clear to us with every correspondence with Farmers- that the only way we are going to get satisfaction in this matter is if we file suit against them and/or their customer who hit our car.
I came across your site and although it’s sad that so many people have gone through a similar situation with Farmers, it did, however, make me feel a little less alone. Farmers insurance does not hear the voice of the individual, but I’m sure that they would not be able to ignore the collective voices of all the people on your site, if they could be organized to act together. If there is a class-action suit against Farmers that you know about, or want to arrange, we would like to get involved. Or if you want to arrange a nationwide demonstration outside Farmers offices, we will happily make banners and placards and invite the news channels to come and interview us. -via email 6/2004 Paul

"I’m having a nightmare with Farmers Insurance in Ohio also.  I feel for you!!!!!!!!!"  -via email 5/2003 HJodo

".....Man, I really hate this company."-via email 6/2003 Erin

"We just had a fire in our building and Farmers have not fulfilled the "clean up " promise to date. I too have been mistreated by the very unprofessional claims agent...." -via email 12/2003 Erin

"....Farmers Insurance Group pays slick lawyers to represent their clients. I’m glad I found your site and I will look for more. Farmers should be put out of business...."-via email 1/2004 Edward

"Hey man, I have a current claim in with Farmers Insurance Co.  It happened on 4/9/2003 and today (9 days later) they are just getting around to talking to a witness.  Obviously I’m the claimant and I was not at fault.  The Farmers customer was the guy who drove out in front of me, and I had no time to stop.  They have let this drag out for sooo long, and still aren’t paying for a rental car." -via email 4/2003 Chris Dailing

"...I am currently having a problem with Farmers regarding my home.  After I had made a claim they were just as rude as they could be.  I have never experienced such rude and inconsiderate people in my life.  I went into their office to discuss the claim.  They had these ugly scowls on their faces, very blunt, and would not make eye contact.  Normally they are just rude anyway such as, answering an Instant Message while printing out my receipt.  I am with the office of Cindy Gochnauer.  I hate Farmers with a passion and I am in the process of looking for a new insurance company and a lawyer....." -via email 4/2004 Berrybluee2

red ball "A day after Christmas in 2001 and old woman blew a stop sign and T-bones my wife and 6 year old daughter, Wiped out the front end on the new Durango, air bags included, and broke my wife’s ribs and wrist as well as left her partly disfigured from the accident. after over $30.000 in medical costs alone,  and 10 months off the job with wrist, back, and neck-jaw injury, these rotten bastards made a take it or leave it offer of a pitiful $8600! Both my wife and the old woman are long time Farmers clients. Farmers is organized crime, and I will take this to a jury and let them set the amount.  The durango is now greatly devalued due to having been in a severe wreck, and Farmers in Mesa, AZ could not care less!  TAKE YOUR FARMERS CLAIM TO COURT!! Never accept the pinnies these crooks will dole out to you! take your time and make them pay." -via email 4/2003 Mark Cox

"Just thought I would let you know that we have just been dropped by Farmer’s.  Their reason is because we have mildew on our siding (during the rainy season!),  We could not finish re-roofing our home because my husband was in Afghanistan with Operation Enduring Freedom, therefore we had both new shingles and old still on our home.  We filed a claim last year while my husband was gone because a tree fell on the "new" shingled part of the house.  The claim was very small, less than $3000.  We have a very nice home, and we maintain it well.  We always pay on time for both home & auto policies.  I wonder what Farmer’s will do when they have alienated all of their good customers???"-via email 4/2003 S. Arnold, Conway, MO.

red ball "Just came across your site and cannot help but nodd my head in agreement. 6 months ago, my wife was hit from the side, rolled 3 times and totaled her car - we are still arguing with Farmers b/c they won’t deal much with the other person’s Insurance. Last Saturday, I was rear ended, reported the damage to Farmers/Mid Century, where the guy who hit me has his policy - I was promised to see an Adjuster bu it’s Thursday morning, I have left several voice mails for the adjuster and still no word from Farmers. They truly suck." -via email 7/2003 -Manuel

"Hey, i have been paying over 500.00 a month for insurance, they took my money every month then decided after two years they would cancel my insurance because of a claim i made with another company three years before. After a hell on wheels fight i got my insurance back but not one time in two years have they had my policy right. the wrong drivers are on the wrong cars, the car i sold 7 months ago is still on the policy and our new van is nowhere to be found...God forbid we have an accident they would never pay. My agent Audrea Agee is a smart month B*$#@^!@ and she is never i mean NEVER in the office. I really hate this company. I’m looking to change............"   -via email 7/2003 Volunteer Communications Dunlap

"I am a resident of Redmond, WA and was planning to take Farmers Insurance of WA to small claims court, since they refuse to pay for damages to my vehicle, even though their client caused the accident.  I hit upon your website and must say I was glad I did so. My blood boils too when I see how tightward they are. They have given me nothing but sleepless nights, even though the accident was caused by their client." - via email 7/2003 Kevin

"I was involved in an rear-end collision that was not my fault on June 12th. The rear end of my car was smashed completely up to the rear window. The person who hit me had Farmer’s (unfortunately!). The body shop estimated the damage at over $10,000. Farmer’s low-balled them of course and "came up" with $8000. My car was only SIX MONTHS old and had 9,000 miles in it when I was hit. When we got my car back after 6 weeks - it looked awful!
You could tell that the parts were not OEM parts, but some cheap aftermarket brand! My insurance, State Farm, told us that Farmers should have paid for OEM parts since the car was so new. State Farm called it a "no brainer!" Well, we refused to accept the car the way it was and told Farmers that we would not sign off on it until it was fixed right with OEM parts. Well Adjuster Randy Webb (405) 285-0903 threw a fit, yelling to my husband, "what!@ do you know how much OEM parts cost?!?!?". Farmers now refuses to fix my car the way it should be fixed and we are now forced to hire a lawyer (which we should have done from Day 1) - My new car is trash now and Farmers could give a $hit about it! It’s worth less than 1/2 of what I paid for it.
MORAL OF THE STORY: If you are involved in an accident that is NOT your fault and the other driver has Farmers - you’d be better off filing a claim with your OWN insurance first and getting your car fixed the right way, with the correct parts and then your insurance can go after the scumbags at Farmers!" - via email 8/2003 Ann Blessing

"....I have read the other horror stories too and I will never work with FIG."- via email 3/2004 Lowell

"Over a year ago, I had an auto accident - I’d been with Farmers for 9 years (faithfully paying my premuims) and they denied the claim altogether - $44,000 car I lost and $8,000 to other party I had to pay. I’ve spent thousands on attourneys with letters going out - all denied. My laywer wants to go to court - I’m out of money....this denial ruined my financial world - caused negative reports on my credit rating....lost my home....lost my drivers licence cause of third party’s lawsuit that I couldn’t pay....went into serious debt.
These guys are really underhanded - so, I’m going to their headquarters in LA - to stand out front - walking up and down the sidewalk with posters and handouts as I preach to passers by about criminal behavoir of Farmers........that’s all that I can do now......Any ideas on poster and handouts?"- via email 3/2004 John

See More Complaints, I decided to add another web page since there are so many!!

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