Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Farmers Insured's Credit Hit Unexpectedly (Farmers Insurance Sucks!)

I was thinking about our case with Farmers Insurance. Since Farmers Insurance low-balled us, we unfortunately had to sue the Farmers insured in small claims. You don’t sue the insurer you sue the insured. We won the case so the Farmers insured unexpectedly has his Credit Rating demolished because of Farmers Insurance (is this where that insured belongs?). Of course Farmers pays the bill, but the insureds credit still gets hit. Farmers Insurance really should notify their customers when they sell them insurance of this likelihood. Farmer’s customers need to know that Farmers Insurance will low-ball a settlement if they are at fault and the risk of their credit rating getting plastered when a victim has to sue the insured to get what they should have gotten from Farmers Insurance in the first place. This is not the fault of the insured, they pay their premiums with the expectation that Farmers will take care of them if they get in an accident. Then Farmers Insurance jacks up their customers premiums due to their credit report, see Farmers Jacking Up Prices Due to Credit Rating? You can't win with Farmers Insurance....you just can't win with them.

Farmers Insurance does NOT get them where they belong! I am not a lawyer so do not take any of this as legal advice.

FDIC's web site states:
"What are the most important factors in determining my credit score?"..." a court judgment ordering you to pay money as a result of a lawsuit will negatively affect your credit score."

You can get Free Credit Reports from Equifax, Eperian and Transunion free from: Annual Credit Report

If you are a Farmers Insured you might want to get a credit report in case you are a victim of Farmers low-balling settlement tactics. You can see what your credit rating is before and after. Even better switch insurance companies since !

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