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Farmers Insurance Group One of the Lowest Rated Companies Based on Employee Satisfaction

According to, Farmers Insurance is in the one of the LOWEST RATED companies based on employee satisfaction, it is ranked number 4 and it's "Over All" rating is tied with second and third.

Comments from reviewers include:
The workload cannot be properly managed in a 45 hour work week. You have to remember that 75% of the people you talk to are already pissed off and don't trust you (plus, most of them are lying or seriously stretching the truth, especially about their injury).
* Management is clueless, and most of them have never even worked at the lower level positions so they have no sympathy for what you have to go through when their expectations are completely unreasonable!!
* They only care about making money, so they try and get away with paying as little as possible even if they ow more
* They say they have lots of job opportunities and you can promote in 6 months, but then they dont ever let you leave your department!
* High turnover so obviously some unsatisfied employees! It's hard to find someone at that company that has been there for more than 5 yrs, which says ALOT!
* They don't promote job development, never once had encouragement for continuing education
* If you are doing a good job then they will assume you much be cheating them somehow
* Treat their best employees like crap
Workload, Culture of Management, Harsh Treatment, Unreachable Quantitative Expectationsm Vague Qualitative Expectations. You are expected to pressure people into settling early, and you have to make settlement offers you don't agree with. The negatives FAR outweigh any positives.
As an agent, be prepared to make little or no money for the first couple of years until you get your book of business established. Also be wary of life production requirements as that's really all that the company cares about.
As a reserve agent if you fail you are required to pay back all subsidy you recieved, so basically the company has no real investment in you. Their outlay is paid back if you fail and realized in agency profit if you succeed.
Over the past two years the company has done nothing but take and take. The pension plan, long an attractant for top talent, was cut off, even for those already vested. Those with 10 years or greater of tenure were 'grandfathered' in, but in looking at when they ramped up hiring, and the fact that employees vested after 5 years, it is easy to see the company was merely looking to shirk its financial responsibility in that regard. Profit sharing, the company's fully funded version of a 401(k), is also gone after this year, replaced with a 401(k) matching 100% up to 6%. Sounds good, until you realize that under profit sharing the company put an additional 15% of your base salary into the same type of account and employees contributed nothing - there was also the possibility of up to 5% bonus in cash. Vacation/sick time have been converted into 'PTO' - good for some but not others. Overall amount of time has declined drastically, but everyone got a couple of extra days they could call 'vacation' (vs sick). Health insurance is a joke - prices shot up quite a bit, and even the $1000 'seed money' for an HSA (only available under the high deductible plan) charges $3 a month in maintenance fees.

Some of you may say that times are tough, so it doesn't seem so bad, but these changes were set in stone BEFORE the economy came crashing down. And the management has the gall to tell us that these lesser benefits are costing the company MORE. If that's they case, the person that made that decision needs to be canned, but under the good ole boy system that exists they won't. Speaking of the good ole boy system, the company has also proven at every turn it's not what you know but who you know when it comes to promotions.

The company is definitely milking the downturn for all it's worth, underrating employees on reviews to avoid higher raises, overworking salaried employees so that they don't have to pay for more (note: salaried does not equal slavery), knowing that folks won't leave until they get something else lined up. One person in upper management even had the gall to send out an email telling employees that they should just be happy they have a job and stop complaining about the way they are being treated. Not the type of company I'd like to stay with, in my opinion.
Management who micro manage you like youre in grade school. Incompetent supervisors. Its all about popularity and who's kissing butts in the office...doesnt make any sense. YOu can be a rockstar CR but once they find something wrong with you they'll do everything in their power to hack you and make sure you're out the door by the next quarter. ITs a shame for those who put so much of their life on hold for this company. Farmers does not know how to take care of their employees. We are overworked, wonder there's such a high turnover in teh office!
Management expects you to be a robot and just pump work out - but your work product must be perfect or your supervisor will be riding your ass until you get it right. They want you to be super quick - handle as much as you can in the least amount of time. But again, it must be perfect. No room for mistakes.

Everyone works off the clock (undocumented overtime) in order to finish all of the work that is put before them. Management then thinks that these adjusters have too little work and gives us more work with no overtime.

Farmers' goal is to distinguish between the highest performing and lowest performing employee. This is listed as one of their goals on a banner at the training facility.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been with Farmers for many years. They are now firing people for making typos and say it is a very serious offense. What a bunch of dishonest bastards.

9/07/2009 8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a former Liability CR with Farmers in California, I can say with complete honesty that every complaint I read is 100% TRUE!!!! I can not speak for the agents though. Farmers is a lowlife bastard of an employer...they are doing some very underhanded things so that they can fire employees instead of properly laying them off because all Farmers cares about is the bottom line $. They are ruining the lives of employees that have been very devoted to the company....I hope Farmers gets hit with one hell of a wrongful termination suit.

9/14/2009 1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know a lady that was recently laid off in Olathe, KS. She had to go in and sign a document saying that she wouldn't sue before they would give her severance. When she showed up in HR last week (a very cold and rainy day), she finally got the HR reps attention after waiting 35 minutes while she was on a personal phone call. Once she signed the paper, she went out to the lobby to wait for her husband, who had to go find a restroom due to the wait. The HR rep came out and told the security guard to make her stand outside in the rain. She wasn't allowed to "loitter". What a caring company.

11/29/2009 12:58 PM  
Blogger JOSH said...

I worked for Farmers for 5 years and last 3 years was top of my office and some numbers the top of zone, but I made 1 mistake that had no bearing on financial or claim outcome and I was fired for it and they deemed it gross negligence and now my entire claims career is destroyed for somethign I never had a clue i did. And to top it off this mistake was made 11 1/2 months previous to my firing.....

someone please help if there is anything that can be done..

12/18/2009 12:52 PM  

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