Friday, September 23, 2005

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst! (Farmers Insurance Sucks!)

* Farmers Insurance Rated Worse! Consumer Reports rated 20 homeowner insurance companies based on their reader's claim experience. Farmers Insurance was the only company on the list that was rated "Worse" for both "Problems with Claim" and "Delayed Payments". Report dated September 2004, (see Personal finance-Homeowners insurance 9/04)

* "Farmers: One Of The 5 Worst U.S. Bad Faith Insurer Records!
A Consistently Very Bad Record! Large Insurer Group. Be Advised: You Do Not Want To Buy Insurance Or Be Insured With This Bad Faith Insurer!" -Fight Bad Faith Insurance Companies (FBIC). Site includes an investigative exposé called "Breaking The Mold" regarding a homeowner policyholder and toxic mold claimant revealing examples of the bad faith insurance claim practices by numerous bad faith insurers, in this case Farmers Insurance, and the damaging effects on the family. (Rating as of June 2005)

* Farmers Ranked Worse! Farmers ranked as the worst company for complaints in the homeowners insurance category, "with a complaint ratio five times higher than the survey average."..."too often Farmers customers must depend upon the Department of Insurance to get their claims paid and their rates reduced." Los Angeles Business Journal, July 1, 1991

* Farmers Insurance had Second-Worst complaint Ratio! What If The Company Won't Pay? Kiplingers Personal Finance Magazine, June 1999. Article has some great advice for dealing with a Claim (see bottom of article)

* To see more information regarding Farmers Insurance see:

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