Thursday, August 14, 2008

Farmers Insurance Denies Flooded Family's Claim

Heather Shannon
Katie DeLong

LAKE DELTON - Progress is being made on Lake Delton. Crews are sealing the breach with a brand new coffer dam.

But Tim Fromm, whose home used to stand where the lake breached, isn't making any progress with his insurance company.

“Things can't get worse for us,” Fromm said.

Farmers Insurance denied the Fromm's insurance claim 100 percent.

"We never missed a payment. We had insurance for one reason and one reason only. That was to protect our property,” Fromm said.

That property, along with the Fromm's home, and every single thing in it, washed away when the lake overflowed its banks and washed away the Fromm's home on June 9.

“We just want to be fairly compensated for what we lost,” Fromm said.

In their denial letter, Farmers Insurance states they never cover "earth movement" or water damage, citing corporate policy.

They did not return any of TODAY’S TMJ4’s requests for an interview.

Fromm says his family is moving in with relatives in the Chicago suburbs until they figure out what to do.

“We're not looking for pain and suffering, even though this is the hardest thing we've ever been through. We just want to get back exactly what we put into it, and start our lives over,” Fromm said.

The state did reimburse the Fromms for the cost of their land and home, still nothing inside was covered.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Farmers Insurance Denies Claim of Home that Falls Into Hole

Farmers Insurance denies claim of home. Then takes a second look at claim only when a TV station and attorney get involved.

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