Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Farmers Insurance: “The way the policies are written are really deceitful,”

Bill’s Automotive update
Just down the hill from the slide, Bill King continues sorting through mud-covered debris at the site of his auto shop, which was destroyed by the landslide. King also hopes to find another location to continue his business.

A relief account at US Bank has accumulated approximately $525, which King said will help his efforts. King also continues to battle his insurance company, Farmers Insurance, over his losses.

King reported the company paid $30,000 to cover the cost of the vehicles damaged in the slide, but it will not cover other costs, including the six lease payments remaining on his equipment. King said he read through his policy, which specifically excluded landslides, but that it was buried in a “textbook” of endorsements.

“The way the policies are written are really deceitful,” King said. “It’s all in code.”

King, who rented the building for his business, is eligible for property tax relief from Clackamas County through an “Act of God” provision covering the storm that caused the landslide. The provision, which is available to all property owners and includes business and personal property, allows for a reduction in taxes based on the scope of the damage and the date the damage occurred.

Those who sustained property damage may receive a prorated portion of their property taxes, which is valued as of Jan. 1 of each year — the day before the landslide. The filing deadline for tax relief is the end of the tax year in which the destruction occurred or 60 days after the date the property was damaged or destroyed, whichever is later.

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